Three Steps Of Transferring The Light

laitman_219_01Question: If the Jewish people are not yet ready to unite, how will redemption come to the world?

Answer: We begin from ourselves. The Upper Light works through Bnei Baruch, which is among the people of Israel, and the people of Israel are found among the nations of the world. The Light does all of the corrections. The Light can work only on condition that there is something corresponding to it.

So if we reach unity, the Light is found within us. It doesn’t even come from above, it is simply found everywhere, and it is revealed in us thanks to our equivalence of form.

Through our actions we are linked to the people of Israel; with this we transfer Light to them. And after that, because the people of Israel are connected to all of the nations of the world and influence them, the Upper Light passes to them also.

So first of all, we, Bnei Baruch, must be united. Then equivalence of form with the Upper Light makes it possible for us to have contact with it.

There doesn’t have to be unity like this between us and the people of Israel because we already influence them from our Kelim, and through our Kelim, they receive the Light. So there must only be a particular degree of connection, agreement, and integration with us here.

And between the people of Israel and the nations of the world there must be some kind of understanding that we are found in one world and one system, and from this anti-Semitism is derived, a unique attitude towards the people of Israel and also the system of correction. If the people get the general idea about this system and connect with us a bit, this is enough for the Upper Light to pass through them.

The Three Steps In The System Of Transferring The Light
Every time in the descent of these spiritual levels, a correlation is formed between the Kelim and the abundance that spreads in the relationship from the higher to the lower and from the lower to the higher. And generally this is what we talk about in our dissemination.

But the main thing for us is specifically our unity with the Upper Light. Then it will spread, will awaken a response in the people, and the people will begin to speak with our words, will agree with us, will be ready to go with us. All of the work is done by the Upper Light. Let the Light work and it will stream like water that penetrates into the soil and reaches each and every place to water anything that a person grows in the ground. Then on the way it will also fulfill us, will connect us into one. In what way does it do this? That is its business that is its work; this is the work of the Creator. We must only work on connection.

Question: If so, must we go out to disseminate externally?

Answer: If we don’t get the deficiency from the people, their desires, their problems, if we don’t take it and raise it up to ourselves, we will have no need to connect with the Creator. We can sit and study the sources for a thousand years and it will only be theory. As long as we are not integrated with the people, the desire to connect will not be awakened in us. The desire to connect is awakened only from the deficiencies that we get from people, and from these deficiencies, we can present the MAN, the request for correction.

So if you think that you want unity now, this is not true, this is not the right unity. The true unity is possible solely and only if you go out to the people, sweating and working with them on their connection. Only from there will you receive a true imperative to connect.

Question: Does this mean that if we truly unite, all of humanity will automatically be changed and we will not need to do anything?

Answer: Yes. If only the Bnei Baruch group changes, the people of Israel will be changed. And if the people of Israel will be changed to a particular degree, all of reality will be changed, all the peoples, all of humanity. That is how these three circles work. But each one depends upon both the higher and the lower. And without the deficiency of the lower, you cannot reach the higher.

So we must work with the people of Israel so that we will have a need to connect together and be like the Creator. Through the people of Israel we must go out to all of humanity so that for us there will be a need from humanity to turn to turn to the people of Israel, and from the people to ourselves, and from ourselves to the Creator.

All three of these levels must work as one. Therefore we work on “three fronts.”
From the Talk on the Subject of “Unity of the Nation” 7/10/14

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