How To Control Your Destiny

destinyA question I received: Why does one person have all the luck in his life and another doesn’t? Can people change their fate?

My Answer: According to the Law of Roots and Branches, all the elements in each world are alike and all the connections between the elements are the same.  This means that the network of forces in each world is the same and all the events happening in each world are the same.

Nothing happens below if there are no changes that occur above, “There is not a blade of grass below that has not an angel above it that strikes it and tells it, “Grow”.”

There is nothing in our world that just happens for no apparent reason. If I begin to realize this unbreakable link, that everything is predetermined, then I understand that there are no accidents, but there is luck (Mazal).

The Hebrew word Mazal comes from the word “trickle or drip” (Nozel). To drip means to come down in drops, one after another and that a gap or space exists between the drops.

If I recognize these drops, than I am able to intervene and change my luck. The Kabbalists say that there are no accidents. There are only gaps between the forces that affect me. That’s why these forces are called “the drops of luck.”

There is a special system in the World of Atzilut where the Upper Light flows down in drops through the special spiritual Partzufim. We are able to change our fate if we know how to enter between these drops of luck that are descending upon us.

Despite predetermination from above, the Law of Roots and Branches allows me to influence my “luck,” though not on the plane of this world but on a higher plane, so my “luck” comes down to me clothed in a different form. That is what we study in the science of Kabbalah – what it means to have “a different form,” when and how.

If I know how to change my luck and how to enter into the space that is created for me, and if I correctly participate in it, then I become a human being. I complement the Creator’s actions that He has created for me, and by doing this I become independent.

The study of the Law of Roots and Branches helps us to join and become a partner in  Upper Governance. It is then that a person enters into a partnership with the Creator.

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