Getting Past The White Blur On The Path

activityA question I received: Kabbalah’s method clearly defines all the stages of one’s advancement. But there’s a gap in one place – the transition from the corporeal to the spiritual. Why is this area left empty?

My Answer: I understand your desire to take the “wide road” to spirituality, to see the whole path from beginning to end, and to have road signs and names on every corner. And then to come to the place where a fully set table is waiting for you. But this would be similar to a dog that hounds the streets trying to smell out a bone.

We, however, have to ascend above the dog’s bone. We have to actually change our senses to opposite ones, which we can’t even imagine now. This is why the transition from corporeality to spirituality is so unclear to us, like a white blur on our path.

But this is precisely where you have to bring the Light – into the place where you find the white blur. And you have the instrument to do this in your hands.

You carry out work in all the areas of reality that are clear to you, but when you come across that tiny blur where you know you can’t do anything, that is where the Light helps you and builds a new sense in you, opening up the entrance to the new world.

(From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

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