Measuring Our Progress

laitman_250Question: In any study, there is a process of advancement. How can I assess my progress in the study of Kabbalah?

Answer: Progress in Kabbalah is when a person attains the material more closely and begins to identify with what he studies in the world around him.

He begins to see through the system of the world forces that manage this world and himself. This control system is called the general soul.

A person begins to realize how he can affect it, how it responds to his actions and influences him. He studies this whole cycle—actuating forces and receiving feedback. In essence, this is our entire life.

This is how we can get closer to the goal in a good way and not along the path of suffering. After all, what we feel in our life now is the action of the forces that lead us to recognize as quickly as possible the control system so that, ultimately, we become part of it and begin to manage our own lives so that there won’t be such troubles and sufferings everyday.

Everything depends only on us! We have freedom of choice precisely because we have the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Once a person recognizes and attains the system of control, he sees his states throughout his previous and future incarnations. He sees the whole way until the end of all the corrections. His is a life filled with meaning.

Question: How does that affect my daily life?

Answer: The moment you realize how to fill your life with an inner content at any given moment, what you do in your corporeal life becomes unimportant. You immediately begin to feel that you have something to do in life; every minute of your life, you gain something priceless.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 11/1/15

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