Escape From Captivity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Does Kabbalah teach the correct attitude to all kinds of events occur during the day?

Answer: Kabbalah does not teach how to navigate your way in this life, but how to find the entrance to the upper world, to identify where the door is that I will open in order to enter it.

Question: What if I’m interested in corporeal life? Let’s say I have a problem with the bank.

Answer: Kabbalah deals with the upper management and helps a person to create such signals to our world that then his life in this world will also start to change.

The method helps us to pass from our world to the next higher state. It depends how we use this method. Someone uses the wisdom of Kabbalah from the top down, and some from the bottom up. But most important is that we direct the connection to the upper management that engages in our world and also the spiritual world.

Question: And who arranges our physical problems?

Answer: We are talking about the overall management system, and if you attain it, you will see how you are surrounded, managed, and with this you will understand how to manage it yourself.

A person begins to understand what the essence of his or her free choice is, and where one is enslaved. He discovers that until this moment, in fact, he had no free choice in life; all his movements were compelled; he was completely programmed.

But now, he can exit from this slavery to freedom, to the extent he begins to recognize, understand, and realize the highest management program. He begins to connect with it to merge, and to enter it as a free element, as a factor in the equation.

And all his problems in material life: the choice of a profession, the country of residence, a life partner, etc. will be resolved by themselves.

A completely different system of values will appear in him that will change his plans.
From the Lesson in Russian 9/20/15

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