Missions Of The Integral Method

Dr. Michael LaitmanAccording to the Kabbalistic method, it’s possible to achieve correction of the world only through education because with coercion nothing will change. Every person must enter into a unique system of re-education.

We have reached such a state that people can already begin to recognize the need for a change in their nature, because it’s specifically our nature that is the cause of all the problems, including the global, ecological, and climate problems. This must be explained to everyone in all kinds of ways, beginning with the masses that suffer the most because they are more sensitive to changes of their condition and are ready to listen to how to change it.

Therefore our mission is, first and foremost, to show everyone that the world has reached the extreme point of its egoistic development, has passed this point and is gradually beginning to deteriorate. Such a movement is inevitable, it doesn’t depend on us as we are activated by the internal program of creation and with every day that passes humanity will feel more and more that the world is collapsing like a house of cards.

Second, we must explain that the ego is the cause of all of our problems and suffering. Together with this, the problem is not in the nature of the still, vegetative, and animate, rather only in the human, in his constant movement towards himself, in an aspiration to improve his personal state at the expense of others and even to the detriment of others. This is basically the discovery of the reason for our descent.

We must show that even though the fall is inevitable, it can be controlled and managed by us if we rise above our nature and look at it from the side. Precisely in order to understand this we were given intelligence. Many agree with this, yet they cannot understand in what manner it is possible to change ourselves. And in truth it’s very difficult for us to change and it’s impossible for individuals to do this at all.

Therefore we don’t disagree with people who say: “This is basically utopian. It would be better for us to begin to be involved with something more realistic.” But instead of fleeing from this, in spite of it all, it’s necessary to examine whether this is utopian or not; there is no other possibility.

There are two ways before us, even though one of them, representing the continuation of the existence of the egoistic paradigm, is not the way at all. We are simply pushed from behind through suffering, fleeing from this in all directions, like someone who is sick who runs from one doctor to another, from one treatment to another. First he goes to doctors, after that to all kinds of healers, after that to a fortune teller, and in the end nothing is left.

We must show people that there is no reason to go in a direction like this, from the start it is doomed to failure. This is a dead end in which much suffering and many problems accumulate, including the possibilities of a third and fourth world war, where a pitiful remnant of humanity will realize the hopelessness of this dead end and will agree to change its nature.

And the second way is the way of awareness that we not only can, but also must change our nature with the help of the force that is discovered in our connection. If we at least yearn for unity, even with egoistic intentions, we will begin to feel within our artificial unity some kind of group force.

This is a unity between equals who yearn to exit themselves, and not just those who want to gather together. For you see that there are many revolutionary unions in the world and likewise various groups who simply gather together and feel the power of their unity. But this is the power of the total connection of all. Whereas here we are talking about our rising above ourselves for the sake of our common unity, melting, disappearing into it, and becoming one inclusive whole.
From the Moscow Virtual Convention “Unity Without Boundaries” Day Three 12/15/13, Lesson 5

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