The Middle Line: The Key to Peace Between Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book of Zohar. Chapter VaYakhel (And Moses Assembled), Item 131: This is so because after the sowing off, ZA was established as entirely Hassadim, on the right line, and Malchut as all Gevurot, on the left line.

Hence, they are disputed as in the two lines—right and left of Bina—until ZA ascends in the middle line and establishes peace between them, uniting them with each other, so ZA and Malchut, which are also two lines—right and left—need a middle line to establish peace between them and unite them with each other.

It’s difficult to explain why we need the middle line and why Malchut cannot cling to Zeir Anpin. We come across a similar problem in this life when we want to draw other people to ourselves, as if they are “sewed” to us or belong to us. It happens in families and elsewhere.

Hence, we need to understand what the right approach really is; it occurs in the middle line where nobody annuls their personal natural qualities: Zeir Anpin and Malchut remain themselves, but they complement each other. And then they build and addition between them, a third component between them: the middle line.

The middle line includes both of them in a way that they complement each other. By no means do they suppress one another; rather, they act quite differently. They complement each other because each of them permits the other party to rule over them. They even fight about who should be more giving and who should allow the other party to rule over them, thus pleasing him or her. At the same time, each one of them is obligated to express themselves otherwise there won’t be a state of mutual love and merging.

This is a complicated system in which each consists of both male and female parts. When we study this structure, it will be clearer to us how people in the future will build their family lives, friendships, and general relationships. It doesn’t matter if it applies to interactions among men and women, since each of us plays either a male or a female role with regard to others: one either gives or receives. There is no third scenario. That is why there is no such thing as the neuter gender in Hebrew, only masculine and feminine. It is right, since because it doesn’t exist in nature.

A clear understanding of the system will be a good addition to the method of integral education. It will help establish peace in this world, in all its spheres: in politics, at work, at home, in family relationships… All kinds of connections among people can be understood from the middle line.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/29/13, Preparation for the Convention

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