The Language Of Emotion

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe language of the method of integral education and upbringing is the language of emotion, and with it, we must turn to the masses.

It is very important to show people how friendly we are to each other. They must feel us as one collective whole, as if we were born from one mother. There is no difference between us. We think identically, understand each other without words. A new spirit, a new orientation, emanates from us.

Many times, I have asked the new ones who come to study with us what brings them to us. Most answer, “I found myself by chance in one of your lectures, and, at first, I not only didn’t understand anything, but I also didn’t hear anything. I was very far from this. However, what attracted me was the unity among your people. One sits on the Internet, the other at the projector, the third arranges the sound, the fourth takes pictures, and two assistants work in full cooperation with the lecturer, and all six of these people work as one. A small kibbutz is felt among them, a mutual feeling of one another and not particularly professional. They live with something in common.”

This is precisely the sensation that we must convey to our audience, and this is their lesson. The wisdom of Kabbalah is not transmitted with any words. You can learn it for ten years and in the end simply become philosophers who don’t feel inner changes. It is conveyed only through inner sensations and feelings, through the inner force that passes from teacher to student, and this depends on the link between us.

Therefore, first and foremost, the link between the audience and the lecturer is arranged when the audience begins to feel that something unique is happening here: A unique inner force is entering into him that dissolves in him, and we transform into one comprehensive, homogeneous body. This is specifically what is important to convey to the listeners about the method of integral education.
From the Moscow Virtual Convention “Unity Without Boundaries” Day Three 12/15/13, Lesson 5

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