Carriers Of The Integral Virus

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the difference between “round” and “linear” discussion, implementation, or decision? What do interactions between linear efforts and circular integration mean in the integral method?

Answer: It means that all of us are found in linear interactions for the sake of connection in a circle. I invest effort that is directed towards the center of the circle in order to become rounded, to disappear, and to melt into it. With this I acquire an idea, a thought, and a general common desire.

There is nothing integral in me now. Integrality is created in a connection between us. Therefore my efforts are linear.

Question: We have people who are used to taking an initiative upon themselves and implementing actions individually.

Answer: Implementation cannot be individual! A team has been gathered that has accrued an integral connection, power, and warmth from the group. It goes and transmits this feeling of mutual connection to another place, wanting this drop of shared unity that they create through their desires and thoughts to gradually flow to others.

What is the idea of an individual person here? What can he do alone? He needs to be a carrier of our integral virus  and nothing more.

Imagine how ticks travel around with the help of dogs. Each one of us, in general, needs to be like a dog upon which “ticks” of “integral viruses” sit that are transferred from our group to another group.

Question: But there isn’t anything integral in me….

Answer: How could there not be? You are included in a group, you see! If there were nothing integral in you, then it would be impossible for you to go anywhere. You would fail! And what will become of us, what will happen with those you come to? Will there be a collective global failure?

Question: Suppose we gather together, that is all well and good for us. How can we go out to the 99% of the population and transmit these wonderful “ticks” to them?

Answer: It is necessary to agree and establish from the start how and what we are doing, to create a plan of action before going out to disseminate, to discuss it, approve it, and implement it.

For example, before an excursion of this type, you need to arrange a small practice workshop for us. For example, you tell us facts we already know; it doesn’t matter; you simply practice your first workshop on us as an apprentice, in training. After this, we give suggestions and prompts, laugh at you, correct you, and then you take a few friends with you and you go to disseminate.

Go out to disseminate with at least two people, but preferably three, and even better four; it depends on what society you are going to. You all bear the same responsibility, that is, each one of the friends can replace you at any moment. And so you don’t have anything to fear, and we too, in general, have nothing to fear, because three or four of our friends can fill any gap.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/17/13

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