“Eight New Mental Illnesses Brought To You By The Internet”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from TechHive): “As the Internet evolved into a ubiquitous part of #ModernLife, we’ve witnessed a rise in the number of distinct mental disorders directly tied to our use of digital technology. These afflictions, which range from benign to destructive, weren’t recognized by the medical community until very recently, and didn’t even exist before the Clinton administration.

“Phantom Ringing Syndrome: When your brain punks you into thinking your phone is buzzing in your pocket.

“Have you ever reached for the vibrating phone in your pocket only to realize that it was silent the whole time—or weirder still, it wasn’t even in your pocket to begin with? While you may be slightly delusional, you aren’t alone. …

“Nomophobia: The anxiety that arises from not having access to one’s mobile device. The term ‘Nomophobia’ is an abbreviation of ‘no-mobile phobia.’…

“Cybersickness: The disorientation and dizziness some people feel when interacting with certain digital environments. …

“Facebook Depression: Depression caused by social interactions, or lack thereof, on Facebook…. One possible reason is that people tend to post only good news about themselves on Facebook: Vacations, promotions, party pics, etc. So, it’s very easy to fall under the false belief that everyone else is leading far happier and successful lives than you (when this may not be the case at all). …

“Internet Addiction Disorder: A constant and unhealthy urge to access the Internet. … Internet Addiction Disorder (sometimes referred to as Problematic Internet Use) is excessive Internet use that interferes with daily life.

“Online Gaming Addiction: An unhealthy need to access online multiplayer games. …

“Cyberchondria: The tendency to believe you have diseases you read about online. That’s the kind of thinking that goes on in the head of Cyberchondriacs—a downward spiral of medical factoids strung together to reach the worst possible conclusions. And it’s far from uncommon. A 2008 Microsoft study found that search-engine-aided self-diagnosis typically led the afflicted searcher to conclude the worst possible outcome. …

“The Google Effect: The tendency of the human mind to retain less information because it knows that all answers are only a few clicks away. Thanks to the Internet, a single individual can easily access nearly all the information civilization has amassed since the beginning of time. And as it turns out, this ability may be altering the very way our brains function.”

My Comment: Our egoism is constantly evolving and looking for new sources of contentment, corresponding to its development. Therefore, all these temporary Internet attractions will pass; they will be replaced by new aspirations: to reveal the secret of our existence.

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