Technologies Make Us Redundant

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (from McKinsey): “The relentless parade of new technologies is unfolding on many fronts. Almost every advance is billed as a breakthrough, and the list of ‘next big things’ grows ever longer. Not every emerging technology will alter the business or social landscape—but some truly do have the potential to disrupt the status quo, alter the way people live and work, and rearrange value pools.

“What technologies will most radically transform human life in the next twelve years? The McKinsey Global Institute looked at more than a hundred possible candidates across a variety of technology fields and narrowed the most potentially disruptive down to a dozen. They are, in order of size of potential impact:

“Mobile Internet defined as ‘increasingly inexpensive and capable mobile computing devices and Internet connectively.’

“Automation of knowledge work or ‘intelligent software systems that perform knowledge work tasks involving unstructured commands and subtle judgments.’

Internet of Things or ‘networks of low-cost sensors and actuators for data collection, monitoring, decision making and process optimization.’

“Cloud Technology or ‘use of computer hardware and software resources delivered over a network or the Internet, often as a service.’

“Advanced Robotics or ‘increasingly capable robots with enhanced senses, dexterity, and intelligence used to automate tasks or augment humans.’

“Autonomous and Near-Autonomous Vehicles.

“Next Generation Genomics or ‘fast, low-cost gene sequencing, advanced big-data analytics, and synthetic biology.’

“Energy Storage.

“3D Printing

“Advanced Materials defined as ‘materials designed to have superior characteristics.’ Much of what we today call nanotechnology would fall within this category.

“Advanced Oil and Natural Gas Recovery

“Renewable Energy Source: World Future Society

My Comment: This is already the immediate future, and to occupy and calm people down, making them creative in life and work, is possible by including them in integral education that teaches everyone how to build a new world “among us and within ourselves.” People will feel this activity the most important in life, moreover, with the benefit to themselves and nature, finding happiness now and always, by creating “eternal harmony” in connection between themselves.

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