If There Is No Goal, There Is No Joy In Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It is now absolutely clear to doctors that a human being is not only comprised of physiological systems of the body and mind, but also of the desire for a purpose. But we know that this is a person’s spiritual level. So he is compelled to build relationships between himself and the goal, his environment, and also to his body.

Recently, we are faced with the fact that people have been relating to their bodies negligently or even contemptuously, and consequently they are subject to disease. So how should one relate to the body?

Answer: As a result of thousands of years of development, a person has reached a state where he is not happy to be alive. Subconsciously we don’t want to live. Everything is in vain: the anguish, the suffering; life, what is it all? Do I need to feel that I am joyful, happy? But I don’t.

If I get some kind of satisfaction, it is attained through unjustified effort, and then it either passes very rapidly or at any moment it transforms into the opposite. So people truly don’t want to live. Therefore contempt for the body is only a small consequence of the current condition. A person secretly feels that he would be happier if he didn’t exist at all.

In the past there was nothing like this because we still had not evolved to this awareness. Today we have a conscious approach to life, the futility of our existence, the lack of fruitfulness, the degradation. We understand our nature, our nothingness. Nobody asked us if we wanted to be born, to be educated in this society, or in another society. We don’t understand what, where, or how.

There was a time when we had defined goals. We were still not that developed and so we went after whatever seemed permanent, building something, yearning for something. One yearned for capitalism, some for communism, and others yearned to explore space. We wanted to prove something, to struggle, and to attain some kind of self-affirmation. Today none of this exists; everything has simply disappeared and an “empty sink” remains where all the water has drained from. We no longer have anything to fulfill us.

Therefore we even look at our bodies with contempt. This explains the attraction to drugs, antidepressants, and suicide. Moreover, this is not only seen in developed countries, but everywhere, in Latin America, and even in Africa, in those places where people were sufficiently happy in the past despite their wretched existence. Today this no longer exists. There must be some kind of purpose for a person for one to engage in himself, his appearance, sports, etc.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 10/20/13

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