The Fashion For Integral Transformation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that the profession of instructor of integral studies will be in great demand. What does it mean “in great demand”? How can we make the new way of thinking prestigious?

Answer: I think that public opinion should be formed, the general consensus that a person who is engaged in transformation of himself and who studies the new integral world in which we live is respected by everyone; he is special, so that it becomes a fashion, becomes something special. Naturally, in this regard, the media should help people.

But here a question arises: If we approach this through the authorities, trying to implement the integral methodology through the government structures, then this would be distributed through the radio, television, universities, and schools as a new course of study, as a new discipline. If in the past, for example, it was social studies, now it would be new integral social studies, the new world.

I think that, in principle, this can be achieved because a huge army of scientists, researchers, and rational intelligent people, people respected in society, agree with, support, and understand the need for integral education. This means that it is possible to develop and “push” through the government and its bureaucratic obstacles.

On the other hand, this can be done from “below,” when various universities offer alternative courses and programs. It’s possible to broadcast the program of integral education via television because it’s not directed against anyone or anything, it doesn’t threaten anyone or anything; on the contrary, it’s a new interesting system of psychological knowledge.

It can be taught as a new psychology, the psychology of modern times, since traditional psychology, as such, has exhausted itself with the development of linear egoism. Now, when egoism has become global, the old psychology no longer works; that is why, there is a need to create a new psychology, a new approach, but it doesn’t exist.

I think that TV and radio talks on these topics and newspaper articles, wherever possible, will be much in demand because people want to know what changes occur in humans, and who in fact a human being is. Thus, we can find an approach to everyone and interest him.

Therefore, we need instructors. If we don’t prepare dozens of instructors who will be able to give lectures and talks in various organizations, we will have nothing to begin with.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/20/12

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