Popularization Of The Integral Method

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What mechanism would cause people to be interested in the integral method? A modern person is only interested in success, in becoming a professional, making more money, and so on. How would he or she switch from this familiar direction to the new one without violence, without crises, and without ailments?

Answer: Nature will still force us to switch through violence, crisis, and illnesses so it will drive us to make these changes anyway. But we don’t want for this to be realized through such serious, dramatic, surgical methods. We want this to be voluntary, gentle, and gradual, not with destiny’s blows and not through great bloodshed.

I think that it’s simply a question of promotion, the way that things which at one time weren’t attractive got popularized (like physics or poetry, it doesn’t matter what), through the incorporation of certain mechanisms into this process. Although it was a government program then, now we can create positive advertising through various movies, special books, and so on. In other words, it’s possible to achieve a state when this idea or those engaged in it will be welcomed, popular, and fashionable.

Of course for that we need to attract famous people, celebrities who will say that they are interested, that they are special because they are involved in integral upbringing, in this “reincarnation.” It is even possible to present it as a revolution within a person, as extremely meaningful inner changes in him or her. As a result of these changes, the world itself and society are felt completely differently, the questions of life and death become clearer and closer, and the barrier between birth, life, and death begins to gradually diminish. A person starts to be included in society and slightly disappears as an individual since inside he feels himself to be an element of a constant, eternally-existing mechanism of nature. And here we encounter the psychological sensations that can be made popular: Society loves such piquant and exciting experiences.
From a “Talk About Integral Education” 5/20/12

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