The Language Of Kabbalists: Hard To Use, Impossible To Go Without

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Essentially, the wisdom of Kabbalah gives a very precise technical description of the degrees of spiritual development. Why do Kabbalists present this description using so many stories, allegories, and names in which it’s so easy to get lost? Why don’t they give a clear set of instructions, including the order in which the actions are to be performed?

Answer: Say, I will write: “Take desire No. 28 and desire No.35, mix them up with desires No.43 and No.62, then multiply them by the coefficient, and afterward, build an intention for the result, consisting of certain components. Now, coping with the resistance, overcome, and so on….” It’s the same as getting a chemical formula that consists of unknown words with numerical values. Now try to combine all the ingredients in such a way that final unification will result in adhesion.

What would you do with this? Moreover, the term “adhesion” itself is unclear to you. The word is familiar, but the meaning isn’t.

And that’s why Kabbalists clothe their message in different forms so you have a chance to understand it. They only have one option—to bring it to you in the language of analogy using words that correspond to the spiritual roots. This language is called the language of branches.

If you only received technical instructions, you would not find anything to hold onto. But this way, although you’re confused, you at least make efforts to find the right path leading to the Light from the confusion of our egoism. Egoism is what confuses you, picturing a seemingly external world. On the other hand, it is exactly this confusion from which you go towards the truth; it is from it that you can reveal the true picture. First, you ask yourself a lot of questions, and only then you start getting closer to the answers.

Indeed, by means of the language of Kabbalists it is hard to understand the truth, but without it, it is simply impossible to reach it. Only later will we understand the integrity of this approach.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/24/2011, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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