The Solution To Terror, Part 3 –The Concept Of National Unity

laitman_259_02Question: The concept of national unity and the revival of the people has the smell of fascism.

Answer: If a person cares about himself, his family, his party, or his people, it is always possible to accuse him of fascism and nationalism.

But everything depends on the intention, that is, what goal he wants to achieve: to control other people who live outside of his nation or within it, or to bring good to them.

According to this criterion, it is necessary to examine the intention and not stick a label on it. If I call for the unification of our ranks and unification of the people, then first and foremost, it is necessary to examine the goal of this unity. Is it for the benefit of the world or to harm it? Otherwise, these are baseless accusations.

Not all unity is fascism. Can the Kibbutz movement be called fascism? Everything depends on the answer to the question of for what are we uniting? I don’t intend to cause harm to someone through our unity, including harming the Arab population in Israel.

Every people must protect its uniqueness, its characteristics, its views and inclinations. We attain unity above all these differences, and this is what acquires all the richness and diversity of unity.

It seems to you that unity will make everyone into robots with identical faces. This is certainly not talking about unity of this kind.

However, we see, on the one hand, that the world is becoming more and more mutually linked, but on the other hand, each people is becoming more and more developed and isolated. So, how is it possible to connect these two tendencies together? Each one aspires to stand out, but all of these individualists must connect, be inserted under one umbrella.

We must attain unity like this without damaging the individuality of any person or any people.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/5/15, Lesson on the Topic: “The Answer to Terrorism — Strengthening the Foundations of the Nation”

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