Why Do We Need The Integral Method?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we build the right relationship to mass dissemination of the integral method?

Answer: First of all, we ask ourselves do we need this or not? In other words, first we need to explain to ourselves and everyone that the method of integral education is directed towards those deficiencies that have fallen away from us, and only if we gather them and connect them to us will we have something with which to turn to the Creator. Only then can we discover Him.

Otherwise we have nothing with which to turn towards Him. Our desires are so minute that we don’t even succeed in connecting among us. The power of connection is not found in them. They are so small that we are, with difficulty, only ready not to bother each other, and no more.

The power of connection is found in particular on the third and fourth levels of desire, as well as half of the second. We simply don’t have this Aviut, this depth. Therefore it is said: (Deuteronomy 7:7) “You are the smallest among all the nations.”

Therefore we have no other choice; in order to reach higher, we must descend lower, deeper, and turn to the wider public, to the ordinary folk, for there are very great desires there. They are scattered among billions of people, and therefore the size and depth of these desires is not felt. But in fact these desires reach to the “throne of glory,” to the Creator.

It is necessary only to begin to connect them on the “material” level, in order to connect their desires and suffering on a spiritual level through connection to a group. And then we will give shape to a demand that will reach the heights, and then instead of a state of smallness, we get a state of greatness in order to provide people with the “embryonic” level. Then they will receive the Light in the aspect of the Surrounding Light, like in a womb, and in a form like this they will begin to develop even without being aware or conscious of it.

Therefore our dissemination to the wider public is intended to ensure that we will get deficiencies from them, and with these deficiencies we can reach the Creator.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/15/13, A Talk About the American Convention

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