A Long Way To The First Spiritual Level

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You have said many times that envy, hate, and honor help friends in a group advance towards unity.

Answer: If friends in a group yearn for unity and begin to feel all kinds of disturbances between them, jealousy, hatred, and rejection, then they must understand that this is given to them by the Creator intentionally in order to add additional forces, yearning for unity, which they require in order to exist on the first level.

Therefore, whenever we go forward, we always receive disturbances because our capacity is not enough to rise upward. I rise a little, but it is not enough, and I am thrown down. Again I rise a little and I am thrown down, but after this, all of these small disturbances are connected.

We cannot reach the first level in one jump. Suppose I am on level zero and I must rise to the first level, how can I do this? The Creator shatters this level into a multitude of states where I go up and down, up and down.

A Long Way To The First Spiritual Level

I cannot rise above a particular level, and I am elevated but not in a meaningful way.

But after that, a connection is made by the sum of all my previous states which are required to ascend to the first level.

Therefore it seems to a person that the same thing is happening all the time, it can even be much worse than it was before, but in fact, it is all connected into one sum. As it is said, one penny plus another gathers into a great sum until all the pennies are gathered into one treasure, which is revealed all at once.

Therefore, patience is the most important thing along the way. And someone whose arrogance speaks from his throat is left with his own interests; nothing will happen for him. The main thing is to adjust oneself patiently.

Every state we pass, each convention, lesson, workshop, every time we disseminate, and so forth, everything is gathered. These activities don’t disappear; they are entered into your “account book,” which establishes how much is left for you until the first level.

And after this is attained, then everything becomes clear and you proceed with open eyes. But the first level is the most difficult; therefore, it is called the “exodus from Egypt.” All the rest of the levels are also not simple, but we pass through them with understanding, with awareness, with real movement. Whereas this level is completely closed off from us.
From the Bulgaria Convention “Dawn Of A New World” Day Two 11/2/13, Lesson 4

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