How To Convey The Knowledge Of The Spiritual World?

Laitman_060_02Question: Why can’t the Kabbalists describe the spiritual world in such a way that we can understand that it is worth aspiring to it?

Answer: The problem is that it is impossible to describe the spiritual world because none of its properties or sensations exist in our current desires. The laws of the spiritual world do not coincide with the laws of our world.

Therefore, Kabbalists describe the upper world using a special language, the language of branches, which is not intended to provide an explanation because we still cannot even imagine this world, or depict it in our egoistic properties.

For example, your computer has one program and suddenly you receive an email composed in a different program that you don’t have. Whatever you do, you won’t be able to receive this message.

Instead, it will open as confusing information in the form of various characters. You will not understand what was sent to you. You will not be able to absorb it or receive it in your computer.

The same is happening here. The Kabbalists tell us something about the upper world, but we look at them like an animal looks at the human. In order to understand them, one needs to obtain the property of the upper world, and then it becomes clear what they convey.
From the Kabbalah Lesson 10/11/15

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