The Need For Spiritual Search

Laitman_109Question: How does our reality help us advance in spirituality? Can we consciously pay attention to any signs so that we can advance according to them?

Answer: There is only one sign that clearly shows that a person can begin to engage in attaining the upper world. It is the emergence of the most serious question about the meaning of life and the yearning for the world that will help him know what he lives for. Otherwise, he simply has no reason to live! It isn’t indifference or depression, but a yearning to discover the essence of our existence.

In this state, it seems that a person cannot do anything, “Leave me alone! I don’t want anything.” But this isn’t a descent—although it may be what we expect—but a state in which he is drawn upward toward where he can attain the source of his existence, the source of life.

Question: Will everyone feel the yearning for the search of the meaning of life, for reaching the upper world?

Answer: Gradually, more and more people in each generation feel the need to discover the upper world. Forty years ago when I began studying Kabbalah, very few people were interested in it. And today there are hundreds of thousands. I hope that there will be millions in the near future.

We see this in the number of people who are depressed, use drugs, and are detached from life. These are all signs of the lack of meaning in life.

So I think depression is a normal disease because a person’s physiology is healthy while his psychology, which means the soul, begins to feel the need of spiritual search.

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