Once Again Everyone Will Become A Single People

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (cont.ws):  “This revolution, many researchers call a demographic catastrophe, as the European region stopped the reproduction of its population. By 2050, excluding immigration, instead of the current 728 million, the European continent will number 600 million. That is equivalent to the loss of the population living today in Germany, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland combined. The last time such a significant reduction in the population was observed in Europe was only during the plague years 1347-1352. …

“Naturally, this leads to the inability of the EU to maintain the integrity of the existing social structure: the labor force will soon be too small, which already puts into question the very preservation of the social security system. While the many generations who were born in the demographic boom after World War II are still working in Europe, when they retire, the system will change radically. …

“The most important condition to prevent it is a constant and growing influx of immigrants. …

“As a result of these processes in the countries of Europe, there is a deep ethnocultural restructuring, in which it is increasingly becoming like a ‘melting pot’ (the concept of total blending of nations and races …). Europeans are being replaced by other ethnic groups, which are mixed with each other, and are forming a ‘nation of immigrants’ or ‘new nomads.'”

My Comment: All this is completely compatible with the trend of all matter merging into a single whole, into the image of Adam (Man), as described in the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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