A Dangerous Delay In Preventing Evil

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Seed Of Our Fault

Question: It is clear that no European countries are capable of coping with the current refugee crisis.  Do you think that a joint solution to the problem can be found?

Answer: There is no solution! Europeans will seek a way out, but they won’t find it. The nature of the problem and the peculiarities of the European mentality will reverse the situation against us and they will blame Israel for their problems.  

We have already dealt with this kind of claim. They even blamed us for the tsunami in Japan, not to mention the tragedy of the Twin Towers or the creation of ISIS. Some believe that the Jews wish evil things to occur in the world and that disasters and natural catastrophes are the handiwork of Jews. 

But there is a seed of justness in their accusations. Of course, we don’t cause the evil, but neither do we prevent it. There is a cardinal difference between their traditional accusations and the current claims. The difference is that we really are capable of preventing hardships by immediately explaining the wisdom of Kabbalah to everybody, but we are already lagging behind in this work.

Kabbalah is, in essence, a science of unity. With its help, humanity will unite. When it unites, it will rid itself of all troubles. So, their claims really contain the seed of our fault. It turns out that their allegations of our fault contain a seed of truth.

Do Not Procrastinate Until the Last Moment

Question: How can an ordinary person arrive at the conclusion that we need a qualitatively different solution, not a habitual one? How can common Israelis understand that the solution really depends on them?

Answer: Among other things, the conclusion should result from our work with them. Above everything, we have to explain to the Jewish people what their purpose is and why we bear the name Israel – “Yashar-El” (directly to the upper), and why we are called Jews – “Yehudim” that originates from the word ”Yihud” – unity.

We should decipher the notion of the word “upper.” What is the upper force, the one, the only, the unique? It is a force toward which we should seek to be like after we attain unity.

Our people have the responsibility of bringing the entire world to global unity and love in accordance with the principle of “love thy neighbor as thyself.” All these principles have to be explained to the people of Israel and to other peoples of the world.

Of course, we have to take into consideration the inertia of thinking, that it takes time for this message to be accepted, understood, and experienced. We must start acting now! Otherwise we’ll get to the point when other nations will demand an answer from us, but it will be too late to explain, as they won’t perceive a thing!

That’s why in his article, “Messiah’s Shofar,”  Baal HaSulam writes that the revelation of the wisdom of Kabbalah to wide masses is a mandatory condition of Israel’s deliverance.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/28/15

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