The Connection Between Tsunamis And Anti Semitism

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why couldn’t the nations of the world receive the Torah themselves, but have to receive it through the Israeli nation?

Answer: It is the role of the Israeli nation to convey the Torah to the nations of the world. First the nations of the world received the religions through the Israeli nation. All the major religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the Torah of the time of exile.

The vessels of receiving cannot be in contact with the Light and there has to be some conductor between them, an adaptor. The desire to receive and the Light are opposite to one another, so there is a need for an adaptor that will connect the desires to receive and the vessels of bestowal, Galgalta ve Enyaim (GE), so that GE will raise these deficiencies to the Creator.

The major religions in the world have made great preparation for the correction. They are the Torah of the time of the exile and they must exist until they are transformed into the true Torah, which means to the wisdom of Kabbalah. Everyone will be connected only with the Creator. The connection between the desire to receive and the Light cannot be done by different methods.

The Israeli nation was exiled after the destruction of the Temple and is among the nations of the world. Afterwards, it cannot avoid being an adaptor for them, whether a good or a bad one. So the nations of the world regard the Israeli nation in a very special way and it is impossible to change that. There is always a special attitude towards Israel, whether negative or positive. Israel is always the adaptor and the conductor of the Light. They will always be in the center of events, and be the nations of the world’s target.

Question: What should we do in order to be a corrected adaptor?

Answer: We simply have to fulfill the role of the adaptor. I have to be incorporated in the deficiencies of the nations of the world, to process them inside me and raise them correctly to the Upper Light. I have to connect all the nations to the Upper Light. They tell me that if I don’t work properly, I am responsible for their feeling bad. This is the reason that they hate me, since instead of being nicely and positively influenced by me, they are influenced negatively, their lives are miserable and they suffer. The nations of the world blame Israel more and more for all their problems. It happens subconsciously, since they feel that Israel is to blame.

We encounter this spiritual phenomenon, which has no corporeal reason, all over the world.  You can find anti-Semitism even among people who have never had any contact with Israel: South Korea, Polynesia, New Zealand, etc. People who have a soul feel that they depend on Israel.

Imagine how difficult and unpleasant it is to feel that you depend on someone. You constantly think about him because it is as if he controls you. He determines your fate and everything that happens to you and your children. He is part of your life, like a relative. He constantly sustains you and this is a very difficult psychological feeling that suffocates you internally. This has been going on for ages.

This is exactly what we are trying to explain with our dissemination, both to the Israeli nation and to the nations of the world. First we have to show everyone that we all share this problem, that we need one another, and that we cannot carry out our mission by ourselves. We need to work mutually in the struggle against our general global ego.

First we have to explain the reason for all the problems to everyone: the political crisis in the Ukraine, the global economic crisis, the crisis in education, global climate changes, etc. Indeed, what is the connection between Israel and a typhoon or a tsunami somewhere?

But immediately after Japan was hit by a tsunami, the level of anti-Semitism rose there sharply. It may seem that there is no connection between the two. Is Israel responsible for the Pacific Ocean ceasing to be so peaceful all of the sudden?  But the Japanese internally feel that Israel is responsible.

They perceive this by their feelings and not by their intellect. A person doesn’t understand why, but he feels this internally and is strangled by this thought. He doesn’t know why, and he doesn’t have to know because love and hate need no justification.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/12/17, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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