Planetary Tsunami

Dr. Michael LaitmanAny Disaster is Israel’s Misdoing

Question: Some people are happy that Europe is now overwhelmed with Muslim refugees. They think that Europe deserves it. What is your attitude toward it?

Answer: One shouldn’t gloat other’s afflictions. Besides, any troubles will eventually be turned against us.

It somehow happens that any suffering in this world is blamed on us and only us, and the same will inevitably apply to the current refugee crisis. Only we will be blamed for it. Africans, Asians and Europeans will approach us and say, “You are guilty of causing our disasters. This is how we feel.”

Current world events are just a preparation to attack Israel. It doesn’t matter where events take place and who is involved in them. A storm of disasters, a sense of bitterness, despair, and helplessness are around the corner. They will hit us very soon unless we prepare a remedy against the disease.

Cards on the Table

Kabbalists warn us that we have to be ahead of the upcoming paroxysm. We must notify humanity, lay our cards on the table, and together turn into one man with one heart.

There is no alternative; it comes from nature, the upper force. And there is a methodology that can improve our relationship that exists with nature. It is called the science of unity, the wisdom of Kabbalah. We should implement it in life and take advantage of it to everybody’s benefit.

The whole of humanity is one family, descendants of ancient Babylonians. Let’s act together, otherwise things will get worse while we continue gobbling each other up.

It’s impossible to do nothing and just watch others suffer. We have to take responsibility, if only because there is no chance for us to avoid it.

The overall interdependence is obvious today. We can’t get rid of our common nature, even if we were to attempt to hide somewhere on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean. Very soon, the waves of a devastating tsunami would hit the entire planet.

Welcome to Africa?

In addition, we don’t take into account potential natural disasters and financial catastrophes. And yet, they can affect the entire world and leave us all in the position of living in standards lower than the current Third World countries.

Today, the Third World countries are at least entitled to ask for help and get some assistance from other countries. However, global economic collapse might devalue all monies and there would be no one to turn to.

A family that huddles in a hut together with a goat and a tiny piece of land will somehow survive, but what will a European do without a job and source of income? It is even worse poverty, since westerners will be incapable of anything.

It is written: “I created the evil inclination and the Torah as a spice.”  In the end, planetary tsunamis such as we see today will rid us of the old world, “the evil inclination,” so that we start using “the spice” as the means of correction, thus moving to a new, happier world.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/28/15

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  1. I dont understand evil inclination thing. we are inclining and inclining and we are finding what? inclining is evil? torah as spice. thats even weirder. sages. thymes and things like that?

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