“The Occupation Of Europe Was Planned”

laitman_431_05Opinion (Irina Horeva, artist): “There are 1.5 million refugees in Germany and another several millions on the way. There is no doubt and it is a fact that this flow of immigrants is not spontaneous but well organized. Someone has decided to destroy the European civilization and to turn humanity into a mass that can be easily managed.

“The occupation of Europe had been planned for quite a while now. Organizing millions of people and putting them on the road is a costly business, which also takes time, but someone has invested in this process. Someone is responsible for the PR and for providing buses for these people on the Turkish border paying for their ticket on this journey. The cost of the journey from Iraq to Germany is 20,000 dollars per person. 7,000 passports are issued daily in Afghanistan. There are also people from Haiti in this mass, are they also escaping cruel Assad? Europe doesn’t know how to stop this flood.

“The UN representative are pressuring the European governments, saying that they mustn’t stop the illegal crossing of political borders because it is against human rights! Now the Europeans have fewer rights than the ‘refugees.’ The European governments don’t want to hear the voices of their own citizens and listen only to the opinion of the UN and of non-government organizations that have great weight in Europe. The media channels keep quiet regarding the current events. At the same time the ‘refugees’ continue the ethnic and religious conflicts in Europe too. The Europeans have been brainwashed for decades by the media and have been manipulated in different ways, which make them feel guilty and oblige them to be tolerant and show solidarity. The result is the phenomenon of ghettos: the Europeans are leaving their cities Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Munich and establishing communities in the suburbs and in villages.

“Once this mass gnaws Europe it will move eastwards towards Russia. The flow of ‘refugees’ is managed from the outside and is leading to a demographic disaster in Europe. Not all the Europeans are ready to accept this situation or to resist. One thing is clear: these people aren’t running away from a war, they are carrying it with them.”

My Comment: No one has mentioned who is organizing, paying for, and orchestrating all this. Although it doesn’t really matter, because in our world whoever is stronger, is just and has the right to do everything that he sees fit. Everyone will follow him without any other choice. This situation is what we all need in order to recognize our egoistic nature and to hate it, until we have the power to give it up.

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