The Rebellion Of The Internal Canaanites

Laitman_049_01The Torah, “Numbers,” 21:1 – 21:3: The Canaanite king of Arad, who lived in the south, heard that Israel had come by the route of the spies, and he waged war against Israel and took from them a captive.

Israel made a vow to the Lord, and said, “If You deliver this people into my hand, I shall consecrate their cities.”

The Lord heard Israel’s voice and delivered the Canaanite. He destroyed them and [consecrated] their cities, and he called the place Hormah.

We all exist in one desire, in one body, and although from the ego’s perspective it seems that we hate one another, we actually hate our own parts, our children and our relatives, the people who are closest to us who seem the most hateful and distant. This all will be revealed in the future, and humanity will be shocked by its actions.

In the Torah, the concept “to fight” also refers to the rebellion of the egoistic desires. However, when a person cannot fight them, he naturally asks for the Creator’s help because He is the only force that governs and controls everything. This is the reason that Israel turns to Him.

Every victory is about a person overcoming his egoistic desires—which, in this case, are called Canaanites—and transforming them to altruistic ones.

In other words, when our internal Canaanites rebel inside us, we need the Creator’s help, and the Creator helps us to overcome them. We destroy all of the egoistic intentions we have and advance.

The conquering of the land of Israel is a change of the seven major egoistic intentions for ourselves into intentions for the Creator, to bestowal and love.

The children of Israel take an oath to destroy the Canaanite city, which means the egoistic desires in them, because a man is a small world that includes everything in him, and this is why he needs the Creator’s help.

But how can the people of Israel who yearn for love ask the eternal Creator who loves everyone to destroy someone? Unfortunately, people don’t understand what the Torah says, and they think that it is an evil nation! However, the Torah presents opposite evidence, because in the spiritual world, everything is with the intention of in order to bestow, while in our world, it is all for filling myself.

Killing yourself means killing the egoist in you. Killing someone else means killing the egoist in me called by a different name, not my own. This means that this is our next state.

There are different methods of correction: partial, temporary, permanent, and ultimate corrections. The Torah tells us how the complete correction is achieved in different states. It is just like in our world. We advance, correct something, and leave something. Then something comes back to us once again, rising from the depths, and we must correct it once again.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/1/15

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