The Fire Of Unity Will Illuminate Our Lives

laitman_943Question: What is the Kabbalistic meaning of the Chanukah holiday?

Answer: Hanukkah is a holiday of Light. We celebrate a state where the Light enters our lives, illuminates them, warms and unites us. All that is required from us is to be better towards each other, not to quarrel and bicker.

Comment: This reminds me of the instructions my mother gave me when I was a child.

Answer: What can you do if you haven’t listened to these words until today?! This is the discovery of our egoistic evil inclination. During the Hanukkah holiday we celebrate the coming of the Light, which reigns in our ego and makes it possible to hear that we must connect and unite and in this way expel the darkness.

Darkness is our separation, the conflicts, arguments, competitiveness, and the desire to exploit and dominate others. And we want to be good friends who rejoice in each others’ successes; we share in everything: the general joy as if we belong to a single body. If we take at least the tiniest step in this direction, we will see how a small lamp, the smallest jar of oil, will kindle a strong, warm and good fire that illuminates all our lives.

Question: How is it possible to explain the miracle of that one jar of oil that burned for eight days to people who don’t believe in miracles?

Answer: A miracle is a force, an action of a law of nature that in the meantime is unknown to us. So we perceive this force as a miracle. But in fact, it exists in nature and there are no miracles.

For us it seems like a miracle that we are approaching a natural Light that is revealed from above; it is the force of the mind, the force of the Light and the life that we acquire ourselves thanks to our unity. In this way we eliminate all the enemies that are within us that don’t let us unite. This is the war of the Maccabees on behalf of our unity. If we succeed in expelling the “Hellenists” (Greeks), our individual egoistic desires found among us, and connect, then we discover the Light in our lives. And the Chanukah holiday is dedicated to this.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 12/6/15

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