Kabbalah – The Science Of The Future

laitman_214Whatever we do in our world, we discover that everything is motivated by our internal egoistic forces, and there is no way that we can rise above this.

All development, even though it may seem romantic, moral, and nice, always leads to collapse, to death, to our inventing all kinds of instruments and mechanisms that create situations that inevitably lead to oppression and death.

On one hand, science interests us; we love knowledge. We have a great need to expose the secrets of nature. But on the other hand, we must clearly understand that this aspiration leads us to suffering, which ultimately will bring us to the conclusion that we need ethical education. Then we will begin to discover nature in an absolutely different way as we aspire to find the characteristic of mutual connection in it.

This will be a totally different science, a science that is not like the science of our world that only comes from an egoistic understanding of nature. After all, when we have an altruistic view of the world, we begin to see its mutual relationships and reciprocal support.

We will see absolutely different laws prevail in the world at different levels and will penetrate the deep ties that connect all parts of nature together. We won’t begin by going from separation to some small connection; rather, we will discover a picture of total mutual connection. And this will be the science of our world, called the science of Kabbalah.

On every level: mechanical, physical, zoological, biological, etc., only Kabbalah reveals the single common bond of all of creation and the Creator that exists within this connection. The most real human need is to attain harmony with the entire creation. It will engulf and fulfill us so much that it will become our reward. Nothing can be better than this.

Right now, this is concealed from people, but it will be revealed gradually, and we will see that all forces blend together harmoniously. It is specifically the harmony of mutual acceptance that fulfills the soul.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 5/27/15

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