When Will ISIS Fall Apart?

laitman_936Question: Should we envy ISIS for being united while we are not, and that the force of the Creator is with them and not with us? Will this envy push us to unite and have the Creator on our side while ISIS falls apart?

Answer: It says that a remote city (a united city) cannot be destroyed because when people are united they are filled with the upper force (unity is an attribute of the upper system, so even when the wicked unite, the upper force is with them). It is a law of nature.

The Creator doesn’t sit in heaven and decide what to do with each one. It is the highest, single unified force of nature that sustains all of creation, the desire, and to the extent that creation is similar to the the upper force, is closer or  more distant from it.

But as soon as we begin to unite, ISIS will be damaged because our unity is not the unity of the wicked, who wish to harm others, but of the righteous who want to do good to others. Even a small unity will disintegrate ISIS.

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