Unity On The Basis Of Love Or Hatred

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can unity possibly defend us from external enemies? After all, we are surrounded by fanatical terrorist groups. Some of them suddenly appear on our horizon and their cruelty has overwhelmed the world. Their threat seems very convincing. How can the force of love that we are trying to create among us oppose it? Can love protect us from rockets or aggression?

Answer: It is natural that terrorists behave with such brutality. Any stable union is founded either on authentic love or on genuine hatred, one of the two.

Animosity that exists in terrorist groups in relation to their external foes connects them. That’s why they kindle hatred towards us. They also seek connection. However, there is an alternative way of attaining unity, through loving our friends.

Both groups are pursuing unity and aspiring to succeed with its help. Those who connect on the basis of hatred need an external enemy that they can continue abhorring and despising. They chose Israel and the Jews as the best object for their hostility because the entire world traditionally hates the Jews. Besides, the Jews are really guilty (at least the nations of the world subconsciously feel this way, even those who have never had any relations with the Jews).

Moreover, Israel took the territories that were previously occupied by Arabs who called themselves Palestinians. In other words, Arabs have a reason to hate us. Moreover, they have a common goal to spread Islam throughout the entire world that unites them. Nowadays, this idea attracts many young people since they are fascinated by strength and admire those who are armed.

People seek unity and commonality; they are trying to understand the goal of their lives. Today, Islam is the only religion that offers a concrete purpose of existence, which is so powerful that people are ready to commit suicide because they are persuaded that this act is the very best way to realize themselves and that they will receive an immediate reward right after they die.

These ideas attract young Europeans who are ready to join an Islamic army. They consider it “romantic”: “We are together! We have a goal! This guy is for us, he is our friend; the other guy is against us, he is our enemy!” People acquire something they can live for, they obtain a goal and become aware of the milestones on their path to achieve it. They think they now know how to live.

The rest of the world has nothing to offer to them. At some point, everybody was fascinated by the American dream. Everybody looked up to America and envisaged becoming like America. Today, this dream disappeared like a soap bubble. Similar things took place in Europe: What happened to the European unity? Where is the promised paradise? Where did the hope that a united Europe would be an example for the rest of the world go?

Question: Why can’t Europeans live in unity with their own native peoples?

Answer: A human being is a creature that constantly changes values. So, today we are not satisfied with what we considered to be great yesterday. The day before, we thought that things were good enough, but a day later we already think of them as insufficient or wrong. Tomorrow, something new will emerge on our horizons. Our egoistic desires and aspirations constantly change, increase, and expand.

Islam is attractive to many because it offers people concrete goals. It proclaims: “All Muslims must unite to have Islam conquer the entire world! If we bring knowledge about Allah who governs everything and everybody, if we spread the information about what exactly we must do to follow His will, the entire world will be ours, including the future world. Even if you die in a minute, you will immediately rise to heaven.”

Their ideology is rooted in both worlds: this material realm and the future dimension. Muslims call for unity in this world among everybody who shares their ideology. They point at their enemy very distinctly. Gradually, they will penetrate all nations without exception: China, India, and Russia… They are not in a hurry, nor do they feel any time restrictions: “If not we, then our children; if not them, then our grandchildren… Eventually, we’ll attain the goal. What’s important is that we advance to our goal and will impose Islamic ‘jurisdiction’ over the entire world. We must partake in this movement so that we merit being in the future worlds.”

They already sense their unity; they are confident that they follow a great, lofty, eternal goal. Therefore, this kind of enemy is impossible to conquer. There is nobody to talk or make peace with since our opponents have a powerful ideology. As a result of the last military operation in Gaza, more than two thousand Palestinians perished. There are numerous ruins on their territories, but they still celebrate this situation as if it were their victory. They don’t count their losses.

Muslims have an internal confidence that they are doing the right thing. They consider their struggle to be a sacred war. It’s impossible to fight this kind of enemy. Peace treaties with them are worth nothing. Of course, it is utterly clear to our government and everybody around.

The question is how can we sustain this threat as a people of Israel? We can pack our suitcases and leave (which they will gladly let us do and even will allow us time for that). However, if we have decided to stay in our land, we will have to find an alternative solution. This problem can be resolved! There is something that can make us stronger than them: our unity.

Through attaining unity, we will trigger the general power of nature, the upper force, which Israel possessed at the time of Abraham and during the first two thousand years of its history, meaning during the First and Second Temples. If we unite “as one man with one heart” by loving our neighbors, if we achieve a state where “all of Israel is friends,” and if we set an example to the entire world, then everybody will start treating us in a good way, including Arabs. As soon as we initiate our unity and reconnect with each other, the whole world will change their attitude to us adequately.

In any case, we have no other choice. We must unite since it is the only solution to the situation. We have a chance to check this doctrine here and now.

I am deeply sorry for those soldiers and civilians who lost their lives during the last ground operation. However, the current situation is different from prior battles because this time we have a chance to change the direction of the Israelis’ thoughts, and make the Israelis understand that stability and safety can be achieved only as a result of our connection.

We have a teaching that talks about these issues: the wisdom of Kabbalah. This science was hidden from us during the exile, but nowadays it reveals itself to us, and our duty is to make it known. This science explains how to attain the right connection that will then attract the upper force.

If the upper force is among us, we are covered by a “dome” that no enemy can break. Our foes will simply disappear. It depends only on our ability to implement the wisdom of Kabbalah for the sake of connection among us.

Kabbalah speaks about unity and love of Israel. It was Jewish heritage during the first two thousand years of our existence from the time we exited Babylon to the destruction of the Second Temple. During the next two thousand years of exile, Kabbalah was hidden from its people. However, nowadays it reveals itself again so that we can use it to recreate unity.

This explains why we have to disclose the wisdom of Kabbalah and demonstrate to others that it is not about “red threads.” It is a methodology of achieving unity that is meant to help us become “the people of Israel in the land of Israel.” It will teach us how to lead a stable and safe life. Then, the entire world will treat Israel as we deserve according to our roots: unity that is based on the authentic Torah, the teaching of the truth.
From Kab TV’s “A New Life” 8/27/14

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