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The Revival Of The Ancient Wisdom

Laitman_115_04Question: What is the destiny of the Israeli nation, which is undergoing difficult times now?

Answer: If the Israeli nation wants to survive, it must implement the method of salvation that it has and pass it on to the rest of the world. In his time, Abraham discovered this method of integral unity of all of humanity.

Abraham, being a priest in ancient Babylon, engaged in the ideological education of the people. Suddenly, he noticed that people had become very egoistic, hostile, and intolerant toward each other. He began to study what was happening to his people and realized that egoism was growing. He described the method of coping with egoism in his book, The Book of Creation.

Egoism is the natural force of nature. It is said that the Creator created the evil inclination, but at the same time gave man the opportunity to extract the force of goodness that is concealed in nature.

In other words, our world exists only in evil, but if we want to, we can balance it by the good force that is concealed in nature. This is attained by the connection and unity between us. The more we strive to get close to one another, despite our egoism, the more that the connections established between us will reveal the good force and balance the evil force.

This balance is actually what we need in order to exist. This method is called the wisdom of Kabbalah. Abraham discovered it and began teaching it to his students, and thus the nation of Israel was born from this group and lived in unity for 1,500 years, keeping the principle of “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and then fell from this level to unfounded hatred. It has been in exile ever since.

But the method of unity has remained. It is in the wisdom of Kabbalah, although the people didn’t even know. For many years, the wisdom of Kabbalah was considered a secret wisdom that was concealed because no one had a need for it. Today it is coming back to life because humanity has reached a state where it should be used, not only by the nation of Israel, but by all of the people on earth.
From “The Echo of Moscow” Radio Program 11/25/15

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Life Is An Integration Of Two Forces

laitman_207In spiritual advancement, great obstacles are placed before a person—all the big egoistic forces that in the Torah are called Balak, Balaam, etc. continue to grow. By overcoming them, a person ascends and begins to understand the structure of the management of the world.

Precisely through the contradictions and problems that he faces and through their gradual resolution, a person becomes wise and strong in intellect, desire, and understanding, and in this way he can take upon himself the reins for the management of the system of creation.

On the way to the summit, the egoistic forces push a person away from the mission more and more strongly. First he corrects the desires of the world of Beria, then those of the world of Yetzira and then those of the world of Assiya, and then he gradually raises them all to the level of Atzilut. The process of correction is done from easy to more difficult problems because the correction of easier problems helps him to understand, discover, and correct problems that are more difficult.

With the help of two opposing forces, a person begins to manipulate his properties, and then builds himself between two systems (the right and left lines) through the right connection between them, as in an electrical equation of plus and minus, or capacitor and solenoid. After all, everything in nature is constructed according to the right integration of two forces.

Life is always between opposing characteristics and the mutual and correct cooperation between them. So the wisdom of Kabbalah relies on this principle, correctly matching them and existing between them. Only in this way can a person discover the Creator, the system, the force, that is above these two forces.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/8/15

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The Struggle For The Birthright

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Balak’s proposal touched the personal interests of Balaam who didn’t want anything in the world except to hurt the Jews. Balaam was the grandson of Lavan and he believed the slander of the sons of Lavan that said that Jacob robbed their father and took everything from him.

Answer: Really, Jacob stole the birthright that Esau had to receive through deceit. To date, this is the reason for the hatred of all nations toward the Jews.

According to Islamic sources, the Muslims don’t have and did not have hatred. Although Abraham sent out Hagar with Ishmael, they received this as an act of a great prophet because Abraham was their father. In this regard they don’t have complaints toward Israel.

Here it is spoken about what Jacob did with Esau, meaning claims directed to the middle line. The Christians based their claims on Israel to expose this problem: “You took away our birthright.” And when their prophet Jesus arrived, then everything seems to be restored. This is a very big problem that is based on spiritual forces.

Imagine that an inheritance comes to you, and someone takes it from you. Your grandchildren become poor, and the descendants of the one who stole the inheritance from you are thriving and enjoying a good life in all generations. Interestingly, on one hand the Christians understand it, but on the other hand, the Creator restrained them, so they didn’t come to us with the Crusades. How can such a thing be if they feel towards us hatred because we crucified their God, or more correctly their prophet?

In all generations one sees clearly the hand of God: when from above is given an order for pogroms, they execute them in the time and place as set. When there is no order, they don’t do anything. After all, logically they should have annihilated us if not for our historical role, to reveal the wisdom of Kabbalah and transfer it to the world. That is, until today we are the basis of their troubles, the source of their sufferings, and it all comes from there.

Therefore one needs to understand Balaam, who is on the level of Moses. In comparison to the nation of Israel, look at the condition those nations are in that he honors; he is their guardian, connects them with the Creator. And what is he doing now? Instead of cursing, he is blessing!

If we stop all these oppositions, we will see there is no greater tragedy in the history of humanity that touches so many civilizations through thousands of years! It is not a simple thing.

When the wisdom of Kabbalah will begin to be revealed to the nations of the world, then everything will be revealed. On one hand, they, so to speak, will have claims against the Jews. But on the other side, precisely these claims will help them understand everything that happened. Why was history spun from above precisely this way, where is the reason concealed for that, and why did it have to happen through the lie of the selling of the birthright?

All this interweaving during the generations and the alleged false actions of the Jews against the Christians must be revealed in the course of time.

All these tricks are nothing more than the deceit of the ego that is lying to us; there is nothing else here. It is impossible to go directly against the ego; it is possible to deceive it.

It is a force against which nothing can be done. We will see how all the peoples of the world—Muslims and Christians—will rise up against Israel. They will erase us from the whole world map. In Eastern Europe some countries already don’t indicate Israel in their atlases; that is how their ego revolts. How will you go directly against the ego if the whole world is against you? What can you do? Logically, a nuclear bomb would fall here so that there would be nothing left of us.

Question: What stops the world from doing this?

Answer: Our upper designation and the upper leadership of the Creator, although the peoples of the world don’t sense it, subconsciously they feel that they cannot allow themselves to attack us. If there is such an order as in the time of the Crusades, the exile, the Middle Ages, and Hitler, then it is another matter. But if there is no order like that, meaning the nation of Israel is in motion for correction, then their hands are tied.

But today we spoil the whole picture, and therefore it has to come to a state that the whole world will be completely against us! This is the war of Gog and Magog.

For the first time in the history of mankind, our spiritual mission is clearly manifest, when as a result of this trouble between the right line and the left line, the Creator will be revealed as the middle line. And this will be the critical point, because the struggle between the left and right lines is the confrontation between the two forces Balaam and Moses.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/24/15

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A Trap For Europe

Laitman_408Opinion (Washington Post, H. Gambhir, Counterterrorism Analyst)“The Islamic State’s strategy is to polarize Western society — to ‘destroy the grayzone,’ as it says in its publications. The group hopes frequent, devastating attacks in its name will provoke overreactions by European governments against innocent Muslims, thereby alienating and radicalizing Muslim communities throughout the continent. The atrocities in Paris are only the most recent instances of this accelerating campaign. Since January, European citizens fighting with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria have provided online and material support to lethal operations in Paris, Copenhagen and near Lyon, France, as well as attempted attacks in London, Barcelona and near Brussels. Islamic State fighters are likely responsible for destroying the Russian airliner over the Sinai. These attacks are not random, nor are they aimed primarily at affecting Western policy in the Middle East. They are, rather, part of a militarily capable organization’s campaign to mobilize extremist actors already in Europe and to recruit new ones.

“The strategy is explicit. The Islamic State explained after the January attacks on Charlie Hebdo magazine that such attacks ‘compel the Crusaders to actively destroy the grayzone themselves. . . . Muslims in the West will quickly find themselves between one of two choices, they either apostatize . . . or they [emigrate] to the Islamic State and thereby escape persecution from the Crusader governments and citizens.’ The group calculates that a small number of attackers can profoundly shift the way that European society views its 44 million Muslim members and, as a result, the way European Muslims view themselves. Through this provocation, it seeks to set conditions for an apocalyptic war with the West. …

“The continuing influx of hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants from the Middle East and Africa creates a perfect environment for the Islamic State’s campaign.

“Europe must avoid the trap that the Islamic State is setting by focusing its responses to the Paris attacks and other outrages against the perpetrators and their supporters.”

My Comment: In any case, the Creator will drive us into a trap so that we will achieve the only solution possible, only a course to balance our egoism through the characteristic of bestowal and love; otherwise all of us will dive into the most profound suffering.

That is how we perceive and understand our way toward the higher goal and the goal itself, through balancing the two opposing forces, elevating ourselves to adhesion with the Creator.

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Why Marry?!

laitman_627_1Comment: British scientists have conducted sociological research in the field of family relations and noted that since 1990 fewer people marry, preferring to cohabit with one another.

In addition, they also discovered that compared to the last century, when girls usually married in their 20s, women now marry when they reach the age of 30.

Answer: Egoism is constantly growing and naturally adapts to what is most beneficial for it. Therefore, such changes occur.

If in the past women devoted their lives to their families in their 20s, got married and cared for their children and the home and found that satisfying, today most want to see the world and be free of the commitment to one man.

The same goes for most men today. They don’t think about marriage but want to live under their mother’s wing. Most men between the age of 30-35 are satisfied with an interesting job, friends with whom they spend their spare time, and when they want a woman, they go out to a nightclub, meet a woman, and for him that is enough for one night. This way they are much more relaxed and free, so what’s the point of getting married?

Today, the attitude toward this issue is quite different than what it was in previous generations. Egoism today is transforming. A person demands less of the environment and from himself, and thus experiences fewer disappointments. And because he wants a rapid succession of big, fleeting pleasures, he doesn’t need a serious relationship with one partner. Let me enjoy now and what will be tomorrow—it does not matter.

At the same time there is growth in the use of drugs and antidepressants and an increase in divorce rate, etc.

A person doesn’t need anything anymore but his cell phone or captivating movies that blur his senses and cut him off from reality. He can satisfy all his needs with that and is ready to pay for it. In the future perhaps they’ll invent something else and he may be connected to an electrode while he can lie down most of the time feeling good.

When a person realizes the situation he is in, it is a sign that he is developing properly and he begins to acquire the right attitude to life.

Question: Will the same changes take place in our nutrition?

Answer: It will happen in every aspect of our life. Most of the world population will be unemployed and the way to feed everyone will be by substances and drugs that will be injected into people’s bodies that will blur reality, thus bringing the world to its end. The ego establishes a clear and accurate attitude in us regarding what is happening in the world today.

If we want to establish a different attitude, a person will have to undergo a change and to change his worldview and then he will receive different pleasures and impressions from life. But in order to do so, we need a different method for operating the ego.

First a person has to undergo the phase called the recognition of evil, in which his life is reflected to him as a short and temporary pleasure. Because the ego needs an infinite filling, the best way will be to transcend it and to use it in a way that is opposite to human nature: from the direction of one’s own sake to the direction of love and bestowal. Then the ego will gradually be filled eternally and wholly.

We are going to reach this state.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/8/15

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 01.12.16

Preparation for the Lesson

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