Life Is An Integration Of Two Forces

laitman_207In spiritual advancement, great obstacles are placed before a person—all the big egoistic forces that in the Torah are called Balak, Balaam, etc. continue to grow. By overcoming them, a person ascends and begins to understand the structure of the management of the world.

Precisely through the contradictions and problems that he faces and through their gradual resolution, a person becomes wise and strong in intellect, desire, and understanding, and in this way he can take upon himself the reins for the management of the system of creation.

On the way to the summit, the egoistic forces push a person away from the mission more and more strongly. First he corrects the desires of the world of Beria, then those of the world of Yetzira and then those of the world of Assiya, and then he gradually raises them all to the level of Atzilut. The process of correction is done from easy to more difficult problems because the correction of easier problems helps him to understand, discover, and correct problems that are more difficult.

With the help of two opposing forces, a person begins to manipulate his properties, and then builds himself between two systems (the right and left lines) through the right connection between them, as in an electrical equation of plus and minus, or capacitor and solenoid. After all, everything in nature is constructed according to the right integration of two forces.

Life is always between opposing characteristics and the mutual and correct cooperation between them. So the wisdom of Kabbalah relies on this principle, correctly matching them and existing between them. Only in this way can a person discover the Creator, the system, the force, that is above these two forces.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/8/15

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