The Revival Of The Ancient Wisdom

Laitman_115_04Question: What is the destiny of the Israeli nation, which is undergoing difficult times now?

Answer: If the Israeli nation wants to survive, it must implement the method of salvation that it has and pass it on to the rest of the world. In his time, Abraham discovered this method of integral unity of all of humanity.

Abraham, being a priest in ancient Babylon, engaged in the ideological education of the people. Suddenly, he noticed that people had become very egoistic, hostile, and intolerant toward each other. He began to study what was happening to his people and realized that egoism was growing. He described the method of coping with egoism in his book, The Book of Creation.

Egoism is the natural force of nature. It is said that the Creator created the evil inclination, but at the same time gave man the opportunity to extract the force of goodness that is concealed in nature.

In other words, our world exists only in evil, but if we want to, we can balance it by the good force that is concealed in nature. This is attained by the connection and unity between us. The more we strive to get close to one another, despite our egoism, the more that the connections established between us will reveal the good force and balance the evil force.

This balance is actually what we need in order to exist. This method is called the wisdom of Kabbalah. Abraham discovered it and began teaching it to his students, and thus the nation of Israel was born from this group and lived in unity for 1,500 years, keeping the principle of “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and then fell from this level to unfounded hatred. It has been in exile ever since.

But the method of unity has remained. It is in the wisdom of Kabbalah, although the people didn’t even know. For many years, the wisdom of Kabbalah was considered a secret wisdom that was concealed because no one had a need for it. Today it is coming back to life because humanity has reached a state where it should be used, not only by the nation of Israel, but by all of the people on earth.
From “The Echo of Moscow” Radio Program 11/25/15

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