The Struggle For The Birthright

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Balak’s proposal touched the personal interests of Balaam who didn’t want anything in the world except to hurt the Jews. Balaam was the grandson of Lavan and he believed the slander of the sons of Lavan that said that Jacob robbed their father and took everything from him.

Answer: Really, Jacob stole the birthright that Esau had to receive through deceit. To date, this is the reason for the hatred of all nations toward the Jews.

According to Islamic sources, the Muslims don’t have and did not have hatred. Although Abraham sent out Hagar with Ishmael, they received this as an act of a great prophet because Abraham was their father. In this regard they don’t have complaints toward Israel.

Here it is spoken about what Jacob did with Esau, meaning claims directed to the middle line. The Christians based their claims on Israel to expose this problem: “You took away our birthright.” And when their prophet Jesus arrived, then everything seems to be restored. This is a very big problem that is based on spiritual forces.

Imagine that an inheritance comes to you, and someone takes it from you. Your grandchildren become poor, and the descendants of the one who stole the inheritance from you are thriving and enjoying a good life in all generations. Interestingly, on one hand the Christians understand it, but on the other hand, the Creator restrained them, so they didn’t come to us with the Crusades. How can such a thing be if they feel towards us hatred because we crucified their God, or more correctly their prophet?

In all generations one sees clearly the hand of God: when from above is given an order for pogroms, they execute them in the time and place as set. When there is no order, they don’t do anything. After all, logically they should have annihilated us if not for our historical role, to reveal the wisdom of Kabbalah and transfer it to the world. That is, until today we are the basis of their troubles, the source of their sufferings, and it all comes from there.

Therefore one needs to understand Balaam, who is on the level of Moses. In comparison to the nation of Israel, look at the condition those nations are in that he honors; he is their guardian, connects them with the Creator. And what is he doing now? Instead of cursing, he is blessing!

If we stop all these oppositions, we will see there is no greater tragedy in the history of humanity that touches so many civilizations through thousands of years! It is not a simple thing.

When the wisdom of Kabbalah will begin to be revealed to the nations of the world, then everything will be revealed. On one hand, they, so to speak, will have claims against the Jews. But on the other side, precisely these claims will help them understand everything that happened. Why was history spun from above precisely this way, where is the reason concealed for that, and why did it have to happen through the lie of the selling of the birthright?

All this interweaving during the generations and the alleged false actions of the Jews against the Christians must be revealed in the course of time.

All these tricks are nothing more than the deceit of the ego that is lying to us; there is nothing else here. It is impossible to go directly against the ego; it is possible to deceive it.

It is a force against which nothing can be done. We will see how all the peoples of the world—Muslims and Christians—will rise up against Israel. They will erase us from the whole world map. In Eastern Europe some countries already don’t indicate Israel in their atlases; that is how their ego revolts. How will you go directly against the ego if the whole world is against you? What can you do? Logically, a nuclear bomb would fall here so that there would be nothing left of us.

Question: What stops the world from doing this?

Answer: Our upper designation and the upper leadership of the Creator, although the peoples of the world don’t sense it, subconsciously they feel that they cannot allow themselves to attack us. If there is such an order as in the time of the Crusades, the exile, the Middle Ages, and Hitler, then it is another matter. But if there is no order like that, meaning the nation of Israel is in motion for correction, then their hands are tied.

But today we spoil the whole picture, and therefore it has to come to a state that the whole world will be completely against us! This is the war of Gog and Magog.

For the first time in the history of mankind, our spiritual mission is clearly manifest, when as a result of this trouble between the right line and the left line, the Creator will be revealed as the middle line. And this will be the critical point, because the struggle between the left and right lines is the confrontation between the two forces Balaam and Moses.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/24/15

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