Why Marry?!

laitman_627_1Comment: British scientists have conducted sociological research in the field of family relations and noted that since 1990 fewer people marry, preferring to cohabit with one another.

In addition, they also discovered that compared to the last century, when girls usually married in their 20s, women now marry when they reach the age of 30.

Answer: Egoism is constantly growing and naturally adapts to what is most beneficial for it. Therefore, such changes occur.

If in the past women devoted their lives to their families in their 20s, got married and cared for their children and the home and found that satisfying, today most want to see the world and be free of the commitment to one man.

The same goes for most men today. They don’t think about marriage but want to live under their mother’s wing. Most men between the age of 30-35 are satisfied with an interesting job, friends with whom they spend their spare time, and when they want a woman, they go out to a nightclub, meet a woman, and for him that is enough for one night. This way they are much more relaxed and free, so what’s the point of getting married?

Today, the attitude toward this issue is quite different than what it was in previous generations. Egoism today is transforming. A person demands less of the environment and from himself, and thus experiences fewer disappointments. And because he wants a rapid succession of big, fleeting pleasures, he doesn’t need a serious relationship with one partner. Let me enjoy now and what will be tomorrow—it does not matter.

At the same time there is growth in the use of drugs and antidepressants and an increase in divorce rate, etc.

A person doesn’t need anything anymore but his cell phone or captivating movies that blur his senses and cut him off from reality. He can satisfy all his needs with that and is ready to pay for it. In the future perhaps they’ll invent something else and he may be connected to an electrode while he can lie down most of the time feeling good.

When a person realizes the situation he is in, it is a sign that he is developing properly and he begins to acquire the right attitude to life.

Question: Will the same changes take place in our nutrition?

Answer: It will happen in every aspect of our life. Most of the world population will be unemployed and the way to feed everyone will be by substances and drugs that will be injected into people’s bodies that will blur reality, thus bringing the world to its end. The ego establishes a clear and accurate attitude in us regarding what is happening in the world today.

If we want to establish a different attitude, a person will have to undergo a change and to change his worldview and then he will receive different pleasures and impressions from life. But in order to do so, we need a different method for operating the ego.

First a person has to undergo the phase called the recognition of evil, in which his life is reflected to him as a short and temporary pleasure. Because the ego needs an infinite filling, the best way will be to transcend it and to use it in a way that is opposite to human nature: from the direction of one’s own sake to the direction of love and bestowal. Then the ego will gradually be filled eternally and wholly.

We are going to reach this state.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/8/15

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  1. > Most of the world population will be unemployed

    By when? How do you know this?

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