Can Anyone Study Kabbalah?

laitman_567_01Question: I would like to register for courses at the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Center, but what I heard on your lesson on Israeli television confuses and perplexes me; I realized that I don’t understand anything. This wisdom seems too complicated for me. Would registering for the course be appropriate for me?

Answer: I constantly repeat that Kabbalah is a wisdom that must be studied. It is impossible to explain this profound, rich, and ancient wisdom in a few words; half of the concepts are in the upper world, from where all the forces and bestowal descend into our lives.

And what is relevant to this world is also not understood until you know what is happening in the upper world; so you cannot explain from where some phenomenon suddenly appears. Since you don’t see the upper roots, you don’t understand how the phenomena are projected from there onto our world by the forces that descend from above.

When you begin to study the wisdom of Kabbalah, which speaks about the general nature of a person, about his inner essence, we attain ourselves, the world that surrounds us, and the interaction between them. We begin to understand how we influence the world, and how the world influences us. We grasp life more deeply, its flow, our inner desires and motivations. This helps a person to balance his life, to  look correctly at what is happening, and to understand the reason for his deeds and reactions to various events.

The wisdom of Kabbalah includes everything within it. There is no area that it doesn’t encompass. It can give an answer to every question: Why are we impressed by some music? Why is our language specifically constructed this way? Why is our body built specifically in this way, with hands and feet? Why do we organize a particular environment for ourselves and think that it is comfortable for us?

All of this can be revealed through the wisdom of Kabbalah because it begins from the beginning of creation, from the creation of desire. And then this desire developed and penetrated into our world, which is what we call the “Big Bang,” as a result of which our universe appeared and expanded.

Kabbalah begins from nothing, from the beginning of creation, and carries through all of human development, including our universe, together with the Earth that is contained within it and all of its history until the present day. And it doesn’t stop with this, but leads us on to the final purpose of creation.

When a person sees this entire process, he is able to manage the process and his entire life. He sees the complete perspective, all the way from beginning to end, and so he becomes an Adam (Man) and not a little child, which is what he is today, not understanding what is happening with him and only trying to escape the blows of fate.

I invite everyone to the courses at the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Center online or in Israel at the Kabbalah for the People college, and I wish much success to all of you!
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 11/1/15

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