Look For Answers On Your Own

laitman_281_01Comment: Anyone who faces a great number of problems could be helped if the wisdom of Kabbalah could explain how to relate to them correctly.

Answer: In principle, each of us must find the answers to his questions himself. You must become a Kabbalist, reveal the upper world, see the system of management of our world, and if you have questions, you immediately will find the answers.

For example, a little child looks at a car and asks: “Why does this car have wheels? Why do they go around?” etc. When he gets older, he becomes familiar with the entire system, knows how a car is built, and he can answer any question that arises about it.

Thus, you will no longer be tied to your teacher, and you will begin to answer every question for yourself as you completely master our world from beginning to end, from its birth and after its end.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/27/15

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