Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 11/29/15

laitman_570Question: How can I take responsibility for my actions in this world and not blame the Creator for them?

Answer: My responsibility is summed up by my needing to invest all physical, moral, spiritual and mental efforts, whatever there may be, so that the group I am in will be like a single whole.

Question: Is it possible to reach full spiritual realization in one’s lifetime?

Answer: Certainly, otherwise why are we given this relatively short lifetime? In the first twenty years, we don’t know what to do at all, in the last twenty years, we are senile, in the middle are continuous problems.

What remains for us is only to invest effort, let’s say, for a few years of our lives, and this is enough. If we make the right clarifications in life, we invest only three to five years in our spiritual development.

Question: Is it possible to avoid a third world war? After all, the Creator loves humanity.

Answer: There is something I hadn’t noticed, but it is absolutely possible to avoid disaster. So, the Creator gave us the method for our development, the final goal, and the power to attain it. He loves those who advance toward the goal.

Question: What is suffering from the point of view of the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: From the perspective of Kabbalah, suffering is the feeling that appears from detachment from others.

Question: Is the goal of life to save everyone?

Answer: The goal is to bring humanity to an eternal perfect state.

Question: Who would survive in the event of a war?

Answer: Only those people who are most capable of spiritual advancement would survive. This doesn’t mean that they would already be in spirituality or close to it. But they would be close to the realization of the wisdom of Kabbalah in their inner state.

The collapse of the world would happen according to completely different laws than the way it seems to us. It is not that the people closest to spirituality would remain and the others would be killed. On the contrary, the Tzaddikim (Righteous) are the first to go.

Question: When I am in a group, will my beastly desires disappear by themselves or do I need to get rid of them?

Answer: It is not necessary to get rid of anything. Come to a group as you are with all of your animal desires.

Question: Are you the master over your desires?

Answer: I am not master over my desires. At every given moment, new desires appear in me. I don’t choose them, but only try to direct and supervise their correct implementation. But I do not control them.

On the contrary, these Reshimot (informational records) appear in us spontaneously. But they are spontaneous only in the eyes of the person, and in fact, are revealed according to a particular program. There is a “meter,” that throws us new Reshimot every moment.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/29/15

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