All Of You Have Time

laitman_599_02Question: How can a person develop to such a degree that he can engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah, understand it, accept it, and ascend to the level of unity in such a short lifetime?

Answer: People of different ages come to study with us. Life isn’t as short as it seems, but is accurately built according to laws that enable a person to fulfill himself properly during his lifetime. The moment you begin to engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah, you have the feeling that time flies and that you don’t have enough time.

But, in fact, time becomes compressed, and suddenly you feel that you can manage everything. This is how it is arranged from above by the upper leadership.

You don’t live in an unknown world by unknown rules. The moment that you begin to operate toward the goal of creation, you immediately are incorporated in it and are under the influence of totally different forces. A person can begin to study the wisdom of Kabbalah at the age of 70 and still manage everything. There is no limit.

We don’t need to think about that. It isn’t our job but that of the leadership system, which only now reveals to us that we need to care for the integrality of all of mankind, a process we can take a most active part in and that won’t take place without us.
From the Talk at the Moscow Jewish Cultural Center, 11/24/15

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