One Solution To All Our Problems

laitman_626Question: You have one answer for every problem: connection, unity. How can that be?

Answer: Connection is the only solution to all our problems whatever they are or may be in the future, if we don’t attain unity among us that will lead us to a new reality, to peace and tranquility.

By uniting we find ourselves in a system where we all complement one another. Now the whole world is like a broken down machine in which all the parts are out of sync and we have to connect them properly in order to fix everything.

It is like a body in which there are different systems and organs that don’t function properly. If they are fixed and operate properly, the body can heal.

The same thing happens in our society. Look at the illnesses it suffers from: poverty and wealth, divorce, drugs, external and internal enemies that threaten our security, and all because people around the world are not properly connected.

It is actually we the Jews who have the method of connection and unity. If we begin to unite, we will bring about unity throughout the world. Then the world will cease to accuse us because it will receive what it demands. On the whole, the world demands that we bring the whole world to unity and thus put an end to its suffering.

This is the reason that unity is indeed the answer to all our troubles, and I have no other advice. The solution is only in our connection.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 12/6/15

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