"Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus"

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Are the differences between men and women really so enormous that they are unable to understand each other?

Answer: I don’t think that there is another science other than Kabbalah which can explain how much we differ. In spirituality the power of bestowal is a male force, whereas the power of receiving is a female force. However, in contrast to our world, receiving in spirituality is positive and vital.

Until we reach the end of correction, these two parts of nature are equal and absolutely opposite to one another in every detail and quality. Even at the stage of final correction nature remains intact and both parts remain opposite to each other.

However, as a result of the correction that is performed by each part (male and female), they are brought so much closer together that they become like one whole. It doesn’t mean that the differences between them disappear; the basic differences still remain, and the detachment that was created at the beginning of creation doesn’t “fade away” completely. But the process of correction brings them to equality, unity, and even to adhesion.

With the help of the method of correction called “the wisdom of Kabbalah” both male and female parts improve, and we are able to build new types of family relationships, arrange our lives in a correct way, not to mention the ultimate reward which we sense in the revelation of the Creator between us.
From Kabbalah for Beginners, “Men and Women” 10/14/10

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  1. My question is, does a woman read an intention or article in a group setting where men are present also?

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