What Is Light?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What exactly is the Light that Kabbalists talk about?

Answer: There is a special force in our reality called “Light.” This force is concealed, and you cannot feel it. But if you study the wisdom of Kabbalah, then you will be able to awaken this Light, and it will start working on you.

What does it mean “to study the wisdom of Kabbalah?” There are people who have already attained the Creator, equivalence of properties with Him, and described the various states of existence ,which they have uncovered in their relationship with the Upper Force in the Upper World.

Obviously, while reading their books, you are unable to understand anything written there because you are not in the same world and don’t know anything about it. You hear only what you can imagine in your own world even if the text speaks about the spiritual world, which is totally different from this world.

If, while you are reading the texts of the Kabbalists, you desire to be in the Upper World with everything you have within you, then through your aspiration you evoke a special force from the Upper World. This force is regarded as “the Light.”

You can awaken it because you have a spark from the Upper World, which was planted in you at birth. Then the Light that comes from the Upper World shines upon it.

Therefore, if you wish to awaken the Light and get it to act on the spark, read Kabbalah texts and concentrate on this. Nothing else is needed. You don’t need to understand what is written in the book, have a sharp mind, or be especially lucky. You just need to be an ordinary person with a desire for the world that the Kabbalists describe to you to constantly work on your spark. Then, the spark will gradually grow until you suddenly start feeling what they are talking about.

This is exactly what we need while studying The Book of Zohar. But the force of this Light only comes to a person if he strives to be in the Upper World, that is, aspires to be in bestowal.

But how do I know what it means to be in bestowal? Kabbalists say: If you read The Book of Zohar in a group and visualize that you are connected with the others as one organism, without any difference between you, and if you possess one desire, one intention, one aspiration toward the force that illuminates you, then this one singular, undivided force will act on your united desire, and you will indeed reveal this Upper Force that is working on you and promoting you. This is what is called the revelation of the Creator to the created beings.

Hence, we are reading The Zohar in the group, with an intention that we are coming together in our desires to reveal the Light so that it would act on us, correct us, and manifest within us.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/8/10, The Zohar

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  1. Dear RAV Leitman,

    If I study the ZOHAR alone in my small space, in conjunction with the world-wide study that is going on across the world, can I say that “I am connected to the Light through this solitary study/prayer”?

    + Shestelle

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