When Darkness Takes Over

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I keep being joyful when I am in a descent?

Answer: Everything depends on what your goal is. I remember how when I was a kid in winter we used to climb up a hill and then slide down on a sled. We weren’t happy on the way going up, but only on the way down. Therefore, everything depends on the goal. If you know that the descent reveals new matter to you which you can use to build your next level, then doesn’t it make you happy?

When mess and confusion come to me, when everything becomes “smeared” before my very eyes, I am happy. That’s because I will acquire new knowledge, new feeling, new closeness, and new revelation after the darkness. Inside the darkness that falls upon me, inside the clouded feelings, inside the fog in my consciousness, I look at myself from aside, detaching from the confusion and sadness, and using them to assess the upcoming ascent.

That is how Rabbi Shimon understood that he was standing before the ascent to the final correction when he felt that he was “Shimon from the market.” Even though we haven’t reached such high levels yet, nevertheless when you are overcome by weakness, when the sun is veiled away, you have to see that this is preparation. That is how the material of the following degree is revealed when it is not yet realized, when it still hasn’t taken on the necessary form.

When this happens, you shouldn’t sit there and wait for whatever comes; don’t stay in the same place, gathering up your strength, but on the contrary, start working. Try to immediately overcome the obstacle and pull yourself out of the darkness, even if it is very slight. Thanks to this, all of the matter that has to join the process will start to participate more quickly.

You have the opportunity to carry out systematic preparation on a daily basis with the help of the studies and the group. Stay connected all throughout the day and don’t let go of the spiritual thread even if it comes to you through the headphones of an mp3. And let others remind you about the goal since you disconnect from it when you are in a descent.

If you constantly stay under the influence of the right environment, then even when the negative side gets stronger, you will be able to see your state from aside and analyze it. This will enable you to relate to what is happening in a different way. Joy comes when you build the next state.

The only thing that can deprive you of the ability to work is a total break with the spiritual connection, caused by insufficient preparation. You should prepare for every moment of your life in such a way that you will never come out of the right influence. If you really value the group, then joy will never abandon you.
From the lesson on Rabash’s article on 11/19/10

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  1. “This will enable you to relate to what is happening in a different way. Joy comes when you build the next state.”
    Where I have been able to read about it?

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