New York University Students Boycott Israel

laitman_626Question: The Graduate Student Association of New York University voted to support the resolution to impose a boycott on Israel. This resolution calls for the Student Union and all of its sponsors to end all ties with Tel Aviv University. Can this boycott be stopped?

Answer: It depends on us, the students of the wisdom of Kabbalah, on how much we succeed in explaining to everyone what the mission of the people of Israel is, why we exist as a nation and as a people. The role of the people of Israel is to bring humanity to the goal of creation, to the goal of the development of civilization. Those students who rise up against us as well as the entire world must discover and know this. It is up to us to say this with a “Voice of Voices” (Berachot 15b), in every street, on every stage, and in all of the communications media.

Unfortunately, we cannot even reach the Jewish people yet, all the more so everyone else; so this kind of threatening news will continue to reach us daily from all over the world, and gradually the “siege” will begin to tighten around us in the same manner but with different configurations.

The student boycott will be replaced by a technology boycott, an industrial boycott, an international trade boycott, the buying and selling of goods and so forth. But today no nation can exist in isolation, just as a family cannot exist alone without buying everything it needs at a store. So we have no choice. We must accelerate and rapidly catch up with the time that we have lost.

Jews all over the world must understand that the Creator is the one who is “narrowing the ring” around us, pushing us to carry out our mission. It is up to us to show all of humanity how to unite correctly for the sake of the world. Humanity can unite around the boycott against us, while on the contrary, we can come together if we begin to teach them about the right mutual connection between them. There are a total of two possibilities for the world. They can unite against us or unite with us in order to rise to the next higher level of human development.

The Jews cannot escape their obligation. We must carry out our mission because otherwise the boycott will become an “iron belt” tightening around us, a locked fortress that is being attacked from within and without. And we cannot hold our position because this is a “war” against the Creator.

Our role is not just to survive like all the rest of the peoples, but to show them the way toward the Creator. The Torah was given to us for this, and all the peoples subconsciously expect salvation from us. This is the reason they blame us for all of their problems.

We, the Kabbalists, must try to carry out our mission quickly with regard to the Jewish people; the Jewish people must realize their mission with regard to the nations of the world, and everyone together must carry out the general mission of humanity with regard to the Creator. Everything is realized in a single chain.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/25/16

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