Dreaming Of Death

laitman_540Comment: Scientists from the University of Grenada in Spain have found that depression is a much more serious and complex problem than we had thought. It is clear that depressions can become a reason for various diseases, ranging from diseases of the heart and blood vessels to cancer.

Answer: Depression can be found as the basis for most disease, suffering, sickness, torments, and the like.

The essential substance of human nature is desire. Unfulfilled desire arouses a sense of dissatisfaction. And a particular degree of dissatisfaction is even felt as torment, to the point of becoming unbearable agony, driving one to suicide, if only to be rid of the suffering.

Depression is the foundation of all problems and its results are revealed on the material level in the cells, in the body, and in everything else. Depression is not only transmitted to other people but also to household pets who are also currently receiving antidepressants.

A kind of depression “belt” has been created around the Earth that influences everyone, even people who are thousands of kilometers from the centers of depression of particular countries feel it.

All of the people on the face of the earth are in constant connection through the higher system that doesn’t satisfy us fully because it expects a particular movement toward it from us. It is possible to move toward the higher system that must fulfill us only through union between us, through resembling it. Without uniting and resembling it, we don’t draw to ourselves the possibility of being fulfilled by it. So the “faucet” is seemingly closed and we are unfulfilled. However, our ego is growing at every moment and puts us into a greater depression.

Question: Is it possible to say that depression is a call from the higher system to approach it?

Answer: It is a call for us to understand that it is up to us to discover the method of fulfillment.

Question: Are we heading toward a generation of intense depression?

Answer: I think that it will not be the entire generation, but a large part of it. Moreover, humanity will enter into such a depression in which people will dream of how to die. They will want to go to sleep and not wake up and will ask the doctor for a such a pill.

Question: But we are now inventing lots of antidepressants….

Answer: That won’t help. We cannot bypass the development of the ego; its lack of fulfillment provokes depression in us. So we constantly increase the dosage and consume stronger and more effective drugs.

Question: What kind of antidepressant will work?

Answer: The only thing that will help is the attainment of a sensation that will fill our inescapable emptiness, our unfulfilled desire. And it is only the Upper Light that can give this. We have already reached this situation.

Question: What is this Light that will become the best remedy against depression?

Answer: It is the feeling of the meaningfulness of existence, the attainment of this meaning supported by ascent to the level in which your desire will be fulfilled by a feeling of connection with everyone, a feeling of the one and only integral system that is full of the Upper Light. The Upper Light will give us this kind of fulfillment, which will bring about an absolute bond with all other creatures and ultimately with the higher power, the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/11/16

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