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New Life 534 – The Book Of Esther: Who Is The King?

New Life 534 – The Book Of Esther: Who Is The King?
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

We are used to a powerful figure of a king who rules bravely, while Ahasuerus is described as a strange king, Ahasuerus is a king that is managed by others. This is meant to teach us that the upper force allows us to manage our world.

When the word “king” is mentioned, it refers to the Creator, to the upper force of nature, to the general plan of the evolution of reality.

If we approach the king correctly, we can improve our situation. There is a clear consistent predetermined plan of nature that operates like computer software. The plan is to bring the whole world to correction, to bring all of reality to wholeness.

The Jews during that time were dispersed in 127 states. They didn’t care about anything, and each one cared only about himself. At the peak of their separation, at the peak of their disconnection from unity and love that was supposed to be felt between them, Haman arrives.

They have no connection with godliness, with the force of love and giving. Our nation was founded on love of others, on mercy, on the connection between people, in order to discover the upper force. The moment we descend to the lowest point in our relations, an external enemy arrives and threatens to destroy us. This is how Haman, Hitler, and Stalin appeared. If the relations between us had been good, they would not have appeared.

It is a simple equation and it repeats itself: separation leads to Haman, connection leads to wellness. Connection means being incorporated in one another by mutual caring and consideration, through “love thy friend as thyself.” Despite the big ego that everyone has today, we can summon a miracle that will connect us. We can choose how we want to arrive at the predetermined goal, and this is the reason that we have the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “New Life 534 – The Book Of Esther – Who Is The King Here?” 3/3/15

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Religion In The Mirror Of Kabbalah

Laitman_109Research (from “Co-operation is a key component in human interaction and also, according to new research from the University of British Columbia, the spread of civilisation. Not because [of] any altruistic reason, though; instead it might be directly down to a fear of a vengeful god.

“In a study published by Nature, a team from the university found that it wasn’t a belief in divine reward that promoted co-operation, but a fear of punishment.

“’Co-operation among throngs of strangers in expanding societies required a common faith in moralistic gods,’ said Benjamin Purzycki, who conducted the research.

“Worshippers believed that these gods were able to read thoughts, observe good and bad behaviour and punish and reward them accordingly, the study suggests. Shared beliefs about these gods apparently paved the way for trade networks, economies and institutions such as governments and courts.”

My Comment: Religions are a kind of club or lifestyle. Humanity needs frameworks like these for its development until its finds its inadequacy to solve social problems—the mutual hatred and rejection. After all, the religions are fundamentally egoistic, as is the human society in which they came to exist and continued to develop, until present day.

The masses, in any case, need to find the wisdom of Kabbalah, and will be compelled to sell it. However, as Baal HaSulam writes, everyone can remain in his religion. This is because the Kabbalah only reveals the characteristic of bestowal and love toward others. Religion fills a person’s “niche of the unknown.”

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The Objective Perception Of The World

Laitman_197_01Comment: Scientists have discovered that every object, from cars, birds, or people’s faces to the letters of the alphabet seem different to people who know them from those who see them for the first time.

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah differs from other sciences since it immediately shows a person the world on the next level, and so all the current and future studies, which always reveal something new to the ego are not considered new according to the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Kabbalah immediately provides us with the basis for the egoistic perception of the world and that which is above the ego, therefore everything that exists on these two levels, and between them, a person who studies Kabbalah begins to perceive absolutely correctly.

There is never an actual face or form, so a person’s perception depends only on the extent to which he is an in absolutely objective state, that is, rising above all his sensations.

After all, everything that we feel we sense in our desires, characteristics, and feelings. If our attributes changed, we would see the trees, the sky, the birds, the earth, people, and everything that surrounds us differently from the way they are depicted to us now. It depends on our internal attributes.

If a person from another planet came here, he would perceive everything in this world in a totally different manner than the way we perceive it in our attributes. It is therefore impossible to say that there are forms in this world, sights, attributes, or laws that are objective and independent. Everything is revealed and exists only in a person’s individual attitude.

Let’s become acquainted with different objects and the world more deeply, meaning what they represent. And then we would cease to see our world and instead would begin to see the upper spiritual world: the forces, the mutual connections, the intrinsic properties, which are now depicted to us as corporeal objects.

And if we penetrate more deeply, we will cease to see corporeal objects since they don’t exist. We will only see the properties rather than the material bodies.

If a person has been married for forty years, for example, he is used to seeing a certain figure instead of his wife, and she also perceives him as an image that is built by his attributes, by their mutual relations, etc. People get used to each other and don’t pay attention to certain attributes that each one has.

This can somehow be compared to what would happen to us if we began to acquire the attribute of the upper world. We would simply see it instead of our world. It is just as a wife sees her husband in a totally different manner than a stranger would see him, since for her he is a more internal image than the external image.

This is also how we would see the internal image of our world that is called the upper world. We would see forces and attributes, not the external wrappings that our five corporeal senses depict for us.

Everyone can do that. We only have to learn about the upper world, and then the internal attributes that match its attributes will appear in us. We will begin to feel it just as it really is and our world in the form of objects will disappear.

Question: If I see a table, a wall, you, etc., on the dimension of this world, will I see forces when I rise above this dimension?

Answer: Yes, forces that depict in you such objects that don’t really exist.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/10/16

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Mutual Connection Used As A Weapon

 271Opinion (, once heralded as a barrier to conflict, has turned into a currency of power, as countries try to exploit the asymmetries in their relations. Many have understood that the trick is to make your competitors more dependent on you than you are on them – and then use that dependency to manipulate their behaviour.

“Like when a marriage goes wrong, it is the innumerable links and dependencies that make any war of the roses effective – and painful. Many of the tools look familiar to those employed during the globalisation of the 1990s, but their purpose is different.

“The global trading regime, once a tool of integration, has been riven by economic and financial sanctions. Likewise, global multilateral institutions are increasingly sidelined by a new generation of competing friendship clubs. Rather than using infrastructure and the construction of physical infrastructure links as a way to maximise profits, China and the US are using them as a tool for power projection. And even the internet is being used as a weapon, and fragmented because of concerns about privacy and security.

“This means that countries that do not depend too much on any single other country (with a diversified economy; able to import energy from many places) will be shielded from most geo-economic attacks.”

My Comment: All that is done by man in this world is done through egoism. Therefore there are no positive results that can be derived from it. Recognition of its harm, meaning the recognition of evil in all of our actions, leads to its replacement by another action, which also reveals itself as the next evil, and so on, until we become disappointed by all our actions and, in desperation, hear what the wisdom of Kabbalah offers us. We must first remake ourselves and then we can do anything.

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The State Of Israstine

Laitman_417Comment: The leader of the left wing Isaac Hertzog said that the actions of the extremist on the right and the left will lead to the establishment of a new state in Israel called “Israstine,” and that we need to unite.

Answer: What does this unity come down to? After all, a politician doesn’t think about anything but reaching a higher position. This is the reason he is a politician.

I believe that political bickering has always been the death of Israel because we are a nation based on the unity between different peoples. Abraham formed a group that was later called Israel from peoples who lived in ancient Babylon who were very different from each other, and so what forms the Jewish nation is actually the unity between its people.

The Jews have no nationality and whoever joins the idea of unity, the right mutual integration between people, is called a Jew. The word “Jew – Yechudi”  stems from the Hebrew word “unity – Yichud.” Therefore, “love thy friend as thyself” is the main natural law and the basis for the existence of our nation.

But we have forgotten all that and have not been living according to that for ages. We are not the same Jews who lived in ancient times anymore. We don’t have the same ideology, the same basis, or the same constitution. Nevertheless nature still treats us according to the same principle, which means that we have to exist above all the differences, in unity, since otherwise we will not be a nation.

This is how the First Temple was destroyed. Then we united a bit and built the Second Temple, and then we began to fight one another once more and because of this the Second Temple was destroyed.

This means that the most important thing for our nation is our unity, despite all the problems that come up between us, as it says “love will cover all our transgressions.”

We should understand that we have to live on two levels. On the lower level we can feel repulsion to such an extent that we will not speak to one another, as often happens among Jews. There is a Joke about a Jew who builds two synagogues, one that he goes to and one that he says he will never set a foot in. He builds the second synagogue on purpose so that he will not set a foot there. This expresses the Jews’ attitude toward one another.

Today we simply have to restore the two levels, establish an attitude of love above all our transgressions, and live on these two levels. On one hand, we don’t accept one another according to the earthly ego on the animate level. As a human being I don’t accept and hate you, and others too, but nonetheless, I cover that with love in my connection with others, without destroying the ego. It is actually as a result of living in this dual attitude of the two levels that I don’t love you, but in spite of myself and my attitude to you, I love you.

It is a very complex system of mutual relations, but only in the connection between these two dimensions is the Creator revealed, and the system of the upper Leadership that descends to us from Above. When we focus on this system of mutual relations, the upper world is revealed to us, so this is what we should do.

No one understands that, not those on the left wing, the right wing, or in the center, so we will not succeed unless we implement the rule of our mutual relations.

I know I am an egoist, but we have to build a bridge between us above the abyss that separates us. The abyss remains, but we constantly keep our intentions as we sustain and build the bridge between us more and more.

It is actually above this abyss, in the connection between us, that the upper force that will enable us to feel the true world, true existence, eternity, and wholeness is revealed. We will reveal the meaning of the creation of this world. And then we will see and discover what the Garden of Eden is and enter it. This is the way to happiness.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/6/16

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New Life 479 – The Creator’s Typewriter

New Life 479 – The Creator’s Typewriter
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi

All of matter —the still, vegetative, animate nature, and human beings—is a desire to enjoy. Whether consciously or not, all want one thing: to feel good at any given moment. This is the only natural yearning of everyone.

Question: Now I yearn to feel good. How are letters related to that?

The letters descend into your matter, into the desire to receive and imprint their form in it. The letters come to us all the time. They are like typewriter keys that constantly click on your matter, on your desire to receive, and you constantly receive different impressions, desires, and thoughts. And it is the same for everyone.

Question: But how does the letter click in me? Where?

Answer: We are in a TV studio now and there is a group of cameramen around us, and behind the walls different events are taking place. The letters are printing all that on the matter of the still, vegetative, and animate nature, and the speaking levels so that everything will exist and develop in a certain direction. We are all operated this way when someone Above touches the keys of His typewriter typing a text, and we operate according to this text. It is like a code in computer software.

Question: Does this code operate me?

Answer: Yes, it determines what you want, what you think about, what you decide, what you do, and what will happen. It is all inside this code, everything! Everyone wants to know the letters, but they don’t know what it is.
From KabTV’s “New Life 479 – The Creator’s Typewriter,” 12/21/14

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