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You Are Where Your Thoughts Are

Laitman_032_01Question: Can saying to yourself that there is only the Creator protect you from disturbances, or is this only a psychological self-deception?

Answer: No, it isn’t only psychological. This is how a person is built. If you repeat the expression, “There is none else besides Him,” all of the time in every situation you encounter in life, you cannot imagine what it can teach you.

It isn’t just a mantra that you say because you have been told to say “hocus pocus,” and you repeat that.

If a person tries to connect any situation in this world with its source, if he connects the group and the Creator to himself, it constantly keeps him in the right direction and helps him to advance.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/3/16

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Painful Birth

laitman_284_06Question: Why is a person’s birth always in great pain?

Answer: It is written in the Torah, “…in pain you shall bear children.” Spiritual birth cannot take place without pain, so giving birth in our world is painful; this is the root and branch.

Even elementary particles that connect feel pain in the creation of a new connection. Each particle must diminish its influence and obey the opposite particle and thus create a kind of conglomerate, a connection of opposite attributes.

If a new life is created—which means that the transformation becomes you are for me and I am for you, alternately—it turns out that everything is based on painful concessions.

When it comes to the birth of the next spiritual level, it is always painful since you must ascend above yourself, above your ego.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/3/16

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Demand For A New World Government

laitman_254_02Opinion (Vardan Baghdasaryan): The world in the past year significantly shifted in the direction of fascism. Clearly identified are three major ideological projects.

“First, fascism – postmodern. … liberalism was transformed into neo-liberalism.

“Neoliberal ideology – it is not so much liberal ideology as fascist. It claims hard power of the minority. And the majority is to be suppressed for the sake of power “archaic” minority. The legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States was a fundamental landmark of neo-liberal fascism.

“Second, fascism – the religious-fundamentalist. It is largely caused by a life post-modern fascism is the response to it from the traditional society.

This reaction, as can be seen from recent events, purposefully provoked. The flow of refugees and migrants sent from the Middle East to Europe, making conflict practically inevitable.

“Perhaps the formation of fascism under any religious signs. But if in the center of any of the traditional religions is the principle of humanity, the ideology of fascism – differentiation into friends and foes. …

“Third fascism – a classic Nazi. As fascism programs postmodern reaction to jihadist fascism, so it, in turn, triggers in response the reaction of Nazi fascism. Neo-Nazism combined the idea of ‘defend Europe against alien’ and an increasing migrantophobia sentiment among European populations. …

“And now, the nationalist and Nazi party are close to the political center, gaining more votes of the electorate.”

My Comment: Exiting the deadlock of fascism is possible only through going beyond its framework.This means it will be necessary to present a new global governmental ideology. This government must resist all versions of fascism and get support from the next level of human development. A government like this can exist only according to the unique practical method, which is consolidation according to the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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New Life #614 – A School For Life

New Life #614 – A School For Life
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel.



The educational, military, and medical systems are conservative, they don’t like change; what was, will be.

The school is an institution that began around 150-200 years ago laborers and industrial workers needed to be trained.

I suffered a lot in school during my childhood; eventually I went to study at a night school; I also studied at a university. In the last forty years I have been involved in the investigation of Kabbalah and ontology because it interests me. And I see how our egoism has evolved and we can not sit and study only because we must; it must really interest us.

It is necessary to take children to see a variety of workplaces, creating a real “university of life.” Children should be allowed flexibility and diversity so that they can study what interests them. Studies show that teaching boys and girls together disturbs the children a lot and arouses a great deal of pressure and tension in a class.

Today a school doesn’t build a person and hardly imparts any knowledge. Children are dissatisfied, parents are dissatisfied, teachers are dissatisfied; the system has stagnated. Today the educational system doesn’t educate, it doesn’t build a person, and it doesn’t teach correct relationships between people.

To better prepare our children for life, we must first imagine an optimal life. To do this requires interesting and relevant teachers of life.
From KabTV’s “New Life #614 – A School For Life,” 8/25/15

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