Demand For A New World Government

laitman_254_02Opinion (Vardan Baghdasaryan): The world in the past year significantly shifted in the direction of fascism. Clearly identified are three major ideological projects.

“First, fascism – postmodern. … liberalism was transformed into neo-liberalism.

“Neoliberal ideology – it is not so much liberal ideology as fascist. It claims hard power of the minority. And the majority is to be suppressed for the sake of power “archaic” minority. The legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States was a fundamental landmark of neo-liberal fascism.

“Second, fascism – the religious-fundamentalist. It is largely caused by a life post-modern fascism is the response to it from the traditional society.

This reaction, as can be seen from recent events, purposefully provoked. The flow of refugees and migrants sent from the Middle East to Europe, making conflict practically inevitable.

“Perhaps the formation of fascism under any religious signs. But if in the center of any of the traditional religions is the principle of humanity, the ideology of fascism – differentiation into friends and foes. …

“Third fascism – a classic Nazi. As fascism programs postmodern reaction to jihadist fascism, so it, in turn, triggers in response the reaction of Nazi fascism. Neo-Nazism combined the idea of ‘defend Europe against alien’ and an increasing migrantophobia sentiment among European populations. …

“And now, the nationalist and Nazi party are close to the political center, gaining more votes of the electorate.”

My Comment: Exiting the deadlock of fascism is possible only through going beyond its framework.This means it will be necessary to present a new global governmental ideology. This government must resist all versions of fascism and get support from the next level of human development. A government like this can exist only according to the unique practical method, which is consolidation according to the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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