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The Rise In The Price Of Gold

laitman_565_01Question: There is a huge demand for gold in the world. Nobody has faith in vouchers and banknotes any more. Why is this happening?

Answer: The economy is moving in a new direction and forcing us to move toward it too. Factories are producing unnecessary products and people are being paid for unnecessary work. There is no motivation for trade; the rates in the banks are completely unrealistic. The old era is over. It continued for 500 years and according to the dialectical law of development it stopped working.

So there is a cash equivalent to gold, silver, precious metals, and diamonds. Suppose you buy them, what then? Gold can be used as equivalent in value to money if there is order in the world. But if there is no order, and there won’t be order, then nothing will help. It could be that the happy person will be the one who lives from his garden and has no need for any metals.

Question: Toward what is this economic movement leading us?

Answer: It is leading us toward understanding that we don’t need to live in our beastly body but in a spiritual body and that the minimum that is beneficial and good for the physical body is enough.

Question: Does this mean that the beastly body is living to transform into a spiritual body?

Answer: Certainly, nature will bring us to this in a good way or in a bad way in any case. We have exhausted our material development, and now we must begin to penetrate into the next sphere, the level of the coming supra-material existence; the wisdom of Kabbalah talks about this.

Comment: But this is not really understood by the common person.

Answer: It is not understood because the common person has absolutely no contact with it. The wisdom of Kabbalah brings a person to his next level of development by explaining to him what must be done. It helps him to rise gently. We have nowhere to escape; this is the dialectic, it is recorded in the program of nature and we must learn to prepare everything for it rapidly.

The next level is through giving up everything in our world except for the rational and logical things that are required for minimal existence, while all of our efforts must be turned only toward spiritual ascent, attained through a good connection between people yearning for “And you shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18). The coming level begins to be attained from this state.

Humanity is in a very interesting period of development. I am very happy that we have reached this time and hope that there will still be many sharp and effective incentives ahead for us that will push humanity toward continued development.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/18/16

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Listen To What A Woman Says…

Laitman_201_01Question: Why does it seem to me that women are smarter than men?

Answer: It is because they are more practical and more connected to our world. They feel it more and don’t float in the clouds like men do. So, I recommend that men listen to them.

Question: It seems that women understand the wisdom of Kabbalah much better?

Answer: Women are far from understanding the wisdom of Kabbalah more than the men. They simply feel instinctively what is better for them to attain maximum comfort, tranquility and harmony in life because the female body obligates them to this. So, if a man wants to reach the correct normal state of family life more rapidly, it is desirable to listen to a woman.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/6/15

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What Is “Love Your Neighbor”?

laitman_938_04“Love thy neighbor” means connecting with your friend into one single integral system. All of us together are a single system; we are connected between us, and we are already beginning to discover our full dependence on each other.

A system of full mutual connection envelops all of humanity in intelligence and thought, in heart and desire. Within this system all of us are connected with each other, and our thoughts and emotions pass from one to the other.

But we must learn to manage this system called Adam (Man); we need to restore it from the separated and shattered fragments that are distant from each other. If we connect between us and connect these small fragments together, then we will see ourselves in an absolutely corrected state. Whether we want it or not, we must reach this state.

Question: It follows that “love thy neighbor” means giving your friend the power to advance more rapidly toward sensing this system?

Answer: Certainly, we must take the opportunity to help others participate in this also. It is up to us to help each other enter into the general system as rapidly as possible and to begin to connect it together. Then we will begin to feel not only where the contact and connection with each of the others is, but we will also feel the higher, eternal life that flows through this integral system. This must be learned, but elementarily, mainly to understand the basics. And most important is that we must realize it in the connection between us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/27/15

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Build Your Future World Now

laitman_947Question: Can a person who has begun to seriously study Kabbalah be taken from this world as a result of a disease or an accident, and so on?

Answer: Why not? Is that a bad thing?

Everyone curses our world and feels bad in this world. At the same time, everyone is afraid to leave this world. This is only because a person doesn’t know and doesn’t see what is next.

And he doesn’t need to see anything. Right now, just build your future world so that you will feel no transition between life in this body and life outside our body. In fact, our egoistic desires depict for us life in our body, but if we neutralize them, we would feel that we are in the spiritual world.

There are people who have felt spiritual phenomena as a result of great suffering because when one undergoes great pain, the body can neutralize and nullify itself.

We, on the other hand, attain it much more easily through the help of the group where we summon the effect of the Upper Light, and then we feel as if we have no body since it is incorporated in others. Instead of feeling ourselves, we begin to feel others, and this is called exiting the body.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/20/15

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Be Thankful For Suffering?

laitman_236_01Question: I suffer and thank the Creator for my pain and suffering. Is this the right approach?

Answer: If a person truly can thank the Creator, this is the right approach because if he thanks the Creator for awakening the suffering in him that directs him toward the goal correctly, he must feel sweetness in this suffering. According to studies by doctors and biologists, the feeling of suffering or pleasure basically gives the same result because the same process occurs in the brain.

Question: I don’t understand. How is it possible to be thankful for suffering? After all, this is masochism.

Answer: The difference is that I separate the thought and purpose of the suffering from how I am feeling it. It is just as I agree to a painful operation and simultaneously thank the doctors for freeing me from the disease. We see that in our world it is necessary to settle accounts and pay for everything through effort, energy, and suffering.

However, a Kabbalist sees the goal, why he is suffering. So, he no longer considers it to be suffering. He understands that suffering helps him become free of his egoistic nature, but as long as he is on the way toward leaving it, he suffers.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/3/16

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New Life 693 – Love Of The World

New Life 693 – Love Of The World
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


All of us have been connected with each other since the moment creation began to evolve because we come from a single source. That single source wants us to evolve, like a father and mother, it wants us to attain everything good, love. Nature provides us with the example of a mother’s love, from the moment a new life comes to exist in her, a feeling of love is also born in her. Love is expressed through filling another with what is good for him, with what he loves, what he lacks. If we were to love many people and were able to give, we would have unlimited pleasure. Therefore we have been commanded, “And you shall love” (Leviticus 19:18).

We are all a single soul, but this is hidden from us. We feel estranged from one another and the connection between us has become rejection. Soon all the inhabitants of the world will have to discover the inner connection between them, and then above the rejection there will be love, as it is written, “Love covereth all transgressions” (Proverbs 10:12); the fire of love is ignited above the fire of hatred. Kabbalah teaches us how to achieve this. Natural love will probably not crumble within the family and among the people because a new connection must be born. Love is the peak of human evolution; from love of others we ultimately reach love of the Creator, the general force that connects everything.
From KabTV’s “New Life 693 – Love Of The World,” 2/16/16

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