Be Thankful For Suffering?

laitman_236_01Question: I suffer and thank the Creator for my pain and suffering. Is this the right approach?

Answer: If a person truly can thank the Creator, this is the right approach because if he thanks the Creator for awakening the suffering in him that directs him toward the goal correctly, he must feel sweetness in this suffering. According to studies by doctors and biologists, the feeling of suffering or pleasure basically gives the same result because the same process occurs in the brain.

Question: I don’t understand. How is it possible to be thankful for suffering? After all, this is masochism.

Answer: The difference is that I separate the thought and purpose of the suffering from how I am feeling it. It is just as I agree to a painful operation and simultaneously thank the doctors for freeing me from the disease. We see that in our world it is necessary to settle accounts and pay for everything through effort, energy, and suffering.

However, a Kabbalist sees the goal, why he is suffering. So, he no longer considers it to be suffering. He understands that suffering helps him become free of his egoistic nature, but as long as he is on the way toward leaving it, he suffers.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/3/16

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  1. So then…suffering can be seen as a certain form of teaching…which..if we are looking at multiple re-incarnations, can be understood as a fair and logical system. How can you understand the difference between love and hate, wealth and poverty, connection and rejection, indifference and caring, success and failure, elation and despair, unless you have experienced, understood, and “felt” them all…to the core…and then made the choice to try for the “better” for all. Actually…such a system would make perfect sense. The goal of course if you accepted such a system..would be to try to understand how it works as quickly as possible….and then help everyone else around you to understand it as well…which of course is what you are trying to do. What a very tough job……so far most of humanity doesn’t seem to care. It is of course also complicated by very difficult reading material…strangely compelling but difficult.

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